Mantenna - Tuesday, September 30

September 30, 2008

Get the latest on Lindsay Lohan hitting the beach in Mexico, Paris Hilton's new single, why gamers are up in arms over God of War, and much, much more.  It's all here in the Mantenna, your daily dose of essential news for dudes!

Lindsay Lohan and gal pal Samantha Ronson have made their first public appearance together in bikinis. The pair were soaking up some rays in Mexico, where it's apparently legal for Ronson to appear in a bikini. []

CNBC is using hot, sexy women to district viewers’ attention from news of the failed government bailout in a case of what-they-don't-know-or-hear-won't-hurt-them. [Wall Street Fighter]


Paris Hilton has released a new track “My BFF” that will serve as the theme song for her new MTV competitive reality TV show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.  Looks like The Hills finally has some competition in the TV category for "Why They Hate Us." [Spike]

Janet Jackson "got suddenly ill" during a soundcheck for her show at the Bell Centre in Montreal last night and was rushed to a hospital.  A day later and there's still no official explanation from her camp. [Reuters]


Ricky Gervais has been rumored to be the next host of the Oscars, but it turns out that this rumor was really just…well, a rumor. [Yahoo! News]



God of War gamers are going to be disappointed everywhere: Brett Ratner is officially helming the movie and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a fanboy anywhere who’s happy about it. []



Adobe has started developing Flash for the iPhone, addressing one of the major user complaints with the gadget/cultural force.  It’ll be a closed platform when (or if) it comes to fruition, and will open the floodgates to many new apps/sites (if Apple approves it). [Gearlog]

Last year’s unveiling of the SkypePhone was shaded by the fact that you could only call other Skype phones on it.  Lame.  But, now, it’s being equipped with the SkypeOut service allowing users to call normal phones, too. [GadgetVenue]


Many have wondered if Raiders owner Al Davis is a recluse, suffering from Alzheimers, or is just flat-out insane. Today, all three were confirmed when he fired his coach, Lane Kiffin. It’s been a crazy two weeks for Kiffin. He was told by Raiders brass that he would be fired last week, but the days stetched on and no word from Davis came down. After imploding in the fourth quarter for the second straight week, mean old Al finally dropped the hammer, but not without some choice quotes first. Normally, firing a head coach is one big exercise in political correctness. It’s always, “things didn’t work out” or “we had a difference in philosophy.” Not this time. Davis flat-out called Kiffin a liar, and said he disgraced the Raiders organization. Hey, Al. With five different head coaches in seven years maybe it’s time to look in a mirror, eh? [ESPN]

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, who has tested positive for drugs four times in the NFL and has lost untold millions because of it, stated today that he had to fight the urge to smoke weed during the Dolphins’ bye week. Williams gets tested randomly nine times a month by the NFL and would have undoubtedly been caught. Considering Ricky owes over $10 million to the Dolphins for screwing things up in the first place, he must really have a good hookup. [ESPN]

We’ve all had it happen. You had the game in the bag and something so improbable happens that it literally leaves you irrational. Normally this manifests in sending league-wide emails that are so embarrassing that you can’t bring yourself to read them a day later. But in one case, an owner threatened to kill his roommate. When the cops showed up he tried to dash, but just like his players that week, he didn’t have it in him and ended up tasered. [Naples Daily News]


In our hour of financial crises, Jalopnik comes to the rescue with a definitive list of vehicles to survive the "coming financiapocalypse."  Read it now before your DSL gets disconnected. [Jalopnik]