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The Top 7 Ways to Make Your Beater Car Badass

by bradiger   January 31, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,816

3. Paint It (flat) Black


It’s been clinically proven that flat black paint is badass. A sleek matte finish gives the car a purpose-built look that declares it a force to be reckoned with. And you say you’re on a budget? Well, get a friend with a paint gun, a few quarts of Rustoleum paint, some masking tape, and a newspaper – and you’re out the door for a faction of the price of a typical automotive paint job.

If you’re super cheap and don’t have access to a paint gun, you can always buy the rattle-can stuff, but don’t expect it to last too long on the front end of the car, as rocks will eventually take their toll.

2. When In Doubt, Add Some Bullhorns


Okay, let’s just say for the moment that you’re super lazy and you don’t feel like doing any of the aforementioned tasks, as they require you to do manual labor and/or get your hands dirty. Maybe you’ve just about given up all hope.

Well, in that case, the simplest route towards awesomeness for you might just be to go the Boss Hog route and slap a set of bullhorns on the hood. It doesn’t matter if you drive a clapped-out '66 Impala or an ’87 Civic, you’ll still undoubtedly pick up a few cool points here. Unless your friends are vegans, or something. Nothing makes those people happy.

1. Just Get Creative


Ultimately, badass is kind of a subjective term.  The important thing to remember with a beater is that, while it may seem like a piece of junk now, you really should look at it as a blank slate. Since you have no concern for its value, you can make it into whatever you want to.

Go crazy: bust out the Sawzall and turn your station wagon into a convertible. Mount bumper bars from an old cop car to your Tercel and start pushing around H2s in traffic. Paint flames on the hand-me-down Buick Regal you got from Grandma. The only true limitation is how far you want to take it.