The Top 7 Ways to Make Your Beater Car Badass

by bradiger   January 31, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,730

So we've established that your car is, in fact, a beater. But do not despair - this can lead to good things. You may have already realized that it's actually quite liberating to have a beater: no concerns for scratches, dents, or weird sounds. So now what? Well, now it's time to restore some dignity to that beater by making it badass.

By Brad Iger

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7. Renove All the Useless Crap


Is the back seat torn up beyond all repair and use? Is the passenger rearview mirror dangling like a wind chime? How about all that pitted and rusted trim – what’s it doing for ya? Looking ghetto, that’s what. And why do you have a flat spare tire in the trunk? If it doesn’t serve a purpose, get rid of it. You’ll end up reducing weight in the process, which leads to better performance and improved fuel economy.

6. Replace the Rolling Stock


Three words: Dog Dish Hubcaps. You can have the biggest POS on the planet but if you’ve got a set of steelies with some dog dishes on it, you’re suddenly driving the cop car from the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video.

Wheels and tires are one of the easiest things to replace on a car, and not only do they make a massive difference in the visual appeal of the car and provide you with better handling, in this particular case they’re also pretty cheap.

5. More Power!


Adding more ponies to your bottom line doesn’t have to equate to big-cash items like turbos and custom camshafts. Most beaters are tired hulks simply from neglect – in this case, on the drivetrain side of things. Incredibly cheap and easily-replaced parts like fuel filters, air filters, and an oil change really DO make a world of difference. If it’s got EFI, try putting a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in as well. Having a vehicle that actually responds on some level when you bury the hammer can vastly improve your driving experience.

4. Modernization


Just because you drive a 20-year-old car doesn’t mean you can’t bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. You say it’s only got the stock tape deck? Slap in one of these and rock out to your mp3 player instead.

If you’ve somehow managed to procure an iPhone, you can use that as a hands-free device too: the person on the other end will be heard out of your stereo speakers and the microphone on the iPhone will pick up your voice. Not a bad way to save like a gajillion dollars.