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How Could Sending Sexy Coeds to Recruit High School Football Players Possibly Have Ended Badly?

by davidbreitman   December 09, 2009 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 0

When I made my illustrious decision to enroll in the University of Western Ontario (the Harvard of Western Ontario), I did so because during a campus visit I was promised an affordable meal plan and a pretty sweet day planner. Apparently, football recruits at the University of Tennessee are offered something even better.

You guessed it – hot college girls who, according to one of their MySpace pages “recruit champions” – by any means necessary.

A recent report in The New York Times claims that a collection of attractive women with flexible moral standards called “hostesses” travel to high schools throughout the country on behalf of the University of Tennessee in an effort to “convince” the top prospects to attend their school. Something the NCAA isn’t all that happy with, as evident by the investigation they’ve just launched.

There’s technically nothing in the governing rule book that says “You can’t get a group of blonde 20-year-olds together to use sex with high school students as a recruiting tool,” so this should be an interesting case.

Oh, and the lovely young lady in the picture above is a junior at the University of Tennessee who used to date Bryce Brown (the top recruit in the entire country last season), who shockingly elected to join the sexy, blonde sorority girl he was nailing in Knoxville.

Go Vols!

Source: Volnation.com