Wyclef Jean Could Be the President of Haiti

August 4, 2010

You heard it right, people. Wyclef Jean is apparently trying to become the President of Haiti.

It’s being reported that Wyclef Jean will officially announce his candidacy Thursday to become the president of Haiti. CNN recently announced that Jean will make an appearance Thursday night on Larry King Live to discuss his political plans. The Associated Press quoted former legislator Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques as saying that Jean will run as part of Jean-Jacques' "together we are strong'' coalition.

The Miami Herald also reported Friday that Jean announced his presidential run during a series of meetings with his lawyers. "It's a huge decision,'' Jean told The Herald. "The decision is not final.''

Hot damn. Jean will probably win if he runs. I just can’t believe a Refugee All Star is gonna be the leader of a country. Pop culture can be crazy sometimes.

Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images