Facebook Apps & Games For Some Of Your Favorite Shows

August 15, 2012

Talk about a crossover hit: the hit AMC television series “The Walking Dead” has excelled past geekery and snuck into your Mom’s Facebook timeline, and not just because you’re talking about what a pain in the ass Carl is (just stay with the group damnit!). AMC has teamed with the software company RockYou to create a game for the social networking site.

The Walking Dead Social Game is an action RPG where you can open up the undead like cans of tuna, providing level-ups and strategy to deepen the experience. The Beta’s available now and the first chapter takes place before the start of the series, meaning Rick’s still in a coma and Shane’s still doing the nasty with his best friend’s wife and keeping his more psychotic tendencies at bay.

Personally, I think this is cool as all get out, and it shocks me that more shows haven’t followed suit. In fact, as much as I’m a fan of the show, there are elements of it that drive me crazy. What I’m saying is there are much better shows out there that would make AWESOME Facebook games.

Mad Men Social (“Mad Men”)

Based on “Sim Social,” this fully interactive world lets you be an Ad Man during the swinging sixties. Guide your Ad Man as he makes important decisions such as what to drink, what time to drink, and whether or not it’s too early to drink. Depending on your actions, your character’s mood will change, which will affect how much he drinks. Also, divorce your ex-wife and watch her Sim remarry and suddenly become very obese for some reason.

Angry Birdwalk Empire (“Boardwalk Empire”)

Former friends, family, and foes of Nucky Thompson beware! Use various Nucky attacks to blow up the self-righteous Agent Van Alden, treacherous Jimmy Darmody, that worm Eli, and disfigured sadsack Richard Harrow. Shatter wooden planks to set traps for your enemies, but beware of hard impenetrable surfaces that shouldn’t be touched (in the form of Paz de la Huerta).

Breaking Bejeweled (“Breaking Bad”)

Fun with Chemistry! Help Walt line up the correct chemicals to create the reactions necessary to produce his trademark blue meth! Watch out for Jesse, though, because he’ll dilute your formula with his sloppiness. And don’t let him put that pepper in there! That s*** is whack.

Words with Fringe (“Fringe”)

It’s the cult favorite sci-fi show from Fox combined with the literary fun of Words with Friends! Challenge friends or complete strangers in a game that combines elements of Scrabble and sci-fi. The challenge is to fabricate as many words as possible and still convince the person you’re playing that you aren’t making it all up as you go along and that the time they’re investing isn’t being completely wasted.

Dr. Cochran (“Deadwood”)

It ain’t easy being the only guy with a medical degree in one of the most violent towns in the Dakotas, and the tempers of guys like Al Swearengen don’t make it any easier. Use the latest advances in medical science to break up clusters of creatures representing various STDs and the occasional bonesaw to take off an infected limb. Okay, more than occasional. It is the 19th Century, after all.

Do Something! (“The Killing”)

Based on “Draw Something!”, but instead of starting off with a blank slate you’re given the cast of “The Killing” and have to get them to actually do something and advance the plot. For crying out loud. Please. Sorry, this app is no longer available.

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