Mantenna - Tuesday, Febuary 2

February 2, 2010

Blue Mountain State’s Gabrielle Dennis is on a roll, Johnny Depp and Keith Richards are together again, and the Grammys get their biggest ratings in over six Mantenna to rule them all!

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Blue Mountain State Hottie Featured as One of Tomorrow’s Hottest Stars

Blue Mountain State’s Gabrielle Dennis has officially been branded one of Hollywood's new it girls by website The website connects you with “tomorrow’s hottest stars today” and features a different actress each week. This week it’s Gabrielle’s turn. Gabrielle stars in BMS as Denise, the overbearing, super controlling girlfriend of the team’s star running back. There’s only one reason he puts up with her...she’s hot. Check out Gabrielle’s write-up on Girls2Watch and discover some fun facts and sexy photos about the rising star. [Girls 2 Watch]

Brittany Murphy’s Husband Cashing in on Death?

The husband of late actress Brittany Murphy is being accused of cashing in on the actress’ death by forming a foundation and charging people to attend its launch. Simon Monjack has created the Brittany Murphy Foundation, a charity that’s dedicated to arts education for children. The foundation is being launched February 4th, however attending it comes at a price. Monjack is suggestion a donation of $1,000 for individuals and $10,000 from corporations who attend. Monjack says he’s donated $1 million of his own money to the foundation. [US MAgazine]

Johnny Depp and Keith Richards are Together Again

Legendary guitarist Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones has deigned to let Johnny Depp direct a documentary about him. The two appeared together in the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, At World’s End, and now Depp is going to direct his second film, his first being The Brave. Depp said that he’s “very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras.” This should be good. [Cinematical]

Orlando Bloom is The Good Doctor

Orlando Bloom will be playing the lead in The Good Doctor, to be directed by Lance Daly. He’s got plenty of good company: Courtney Ford, Michael Pena, Troy Garity, Rob Morrow, and J.K. Simmons will likely co-star with him. The film follows a doctor who, trying to make himself look good, keeps an 18 year-old patient admitted for a kidney infection, messing with her treatment in order to make sure she doesn’t leave. Sounds like an unusually creepy movie for Mr. Bloom to dip his toes in. [Hollywood Reporter]

Grammy Audience Biggest in Six Years


Source: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

Sunday night’s Grammy Awards drew a TV audience of 25.8 million Americans and was the biggest TV audience for the show in over six years. The award show had a 35% increase compared to last year and was the most-watched Grammy telecast since 2004. Does this mean that Lady Gaga's outlandish antics are saving the music industry? [Billboard]

Google Releases Chrome OS Tablet Concept Demo

Google never likes to be one-upped by other companies, so when Apple unveiled the iPad recently, Google was quick to get on the "me too" bandwagon. In their own response to all the recent tablet fanfare, Google decided to release some teaser shots and a demo video of the Chrome OS running on a concept tablet device. The Chromium team suggests that a screen of 5" to 10" is optimal for enjoying Chrome OS and of course tablets, netbooks and MIDs all fit that size class rather well. Couple a streamlined Google-based OS with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor in a design like this and the iPad could have serious competition. [Hot Hardware]

iPhone Firmware Update 3.1.3 Out Now

The 3.1.3 firmware update for the iPhone is out now, available through an iTunes update. It's no revelation, fixing only the accuracy of the 3GS battery meter and the stability of some third-party app launches. Our apologies if you were excited or, you know, expecting Apple to fix the laundry list of bugs that came along with firmware 3.0. If your phone is jailbroken, move along, there's nothing to see here, as this update will lock it down again. [MobileCrunch]

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