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Antibiotic-Resistant STDs Out To Ruin Your Saturday Night

by DanSeitz   July 11, 2011 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 322
First you heard about drug-resistant MRSA, which is going to kill us all if germophobes are to be believed. Then doctors started warning us about other diseases becoming antibiotic-resistant. Well, now is the time to panic because these things are about to ruin your dating life.

Antibiotic-Resistant STDs Out To Ruin Your Saturday Night

Meet the new strain of gonorrhea, which can resist the most common treatment.

Gonorrhea, for those of you who slept through health class, is the sexually transmitted disease that makes it burn when you pee. Also...look, let's just say it's really, really disgusting, and strikes guys within four to six days from infection, and while half of women infected show no signs, it can make them infertile. If you need the gory details, Wikipedia's got your back. Just don't read that during lunch.

The findings, presented at the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research's 19th convention, point out that gonorrhea, nasty little bugger that it is, has proven resistant to other drugs in the past. When your creepy uncle got it, he probably used penicillin...which gonorrhea promptly became resistant to.

So, how do we fend off this disgusting threat to our fun? Fortunately, that's easy, and you should be doing it anyway: condoms. Yep, keep your pants python carefully wrapped and you won't have to see your doctor have to turn away in terror for a moment the week after you fall on the grenade for your friend. As for preventing phone calls the morning after, that will remain up to you.

Photo: Tom Grill/Getty Images

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