Oregon Football Isn't Racist, It's Just Misunderstood

February 22, 2010

You know that girl in high school who lost a lot of weight one summer, became really pretty, and then turned into a total b***h because she didn’t know how to handle her newfound popularity? Well, that’s pretty much what’s happening with the University of Oregon football team.

After winning the Pac-10 championship for the first time since Joey Harrington was still considered a “promising young quarterback,” the Ducks have done their darndest to show the world just how uncomfortable they are with success (and basic societal norms).

Within two months of playing in the Rose Bowl, the Ducks have had two kickers and a defensive end involved in various fights, their starting quarterback accused of on-campus theft, a star running back charged with domestic assault, a linebacker arrested for a DUI, and a few other non-criminal violations of “team rules.”

While some people may be thinking “wait, have they considered not committing crimes?” - there have been several other paths taken by other players. Senior Wide Receiver Jamere Holland offers one via Facebook:

"I wish I could block whites [white people] as friends and only have blacks LOL, cause apparently I'm misunderstood," Holland wrote about people being outraged when he said “How the f**k you kick kinko off the team on some weak s**t, n****s always faded he slipped up but ive been slippn up, and I’m still here, that s**t weak buff cuh could have done damage for the ducks, that s**t is weak, weak ass.  f**k, quote m.”

The Ducks have since released Holland due to the rant (and various grammatical errors).

(Interesting note: Out of all the Ducks who have been convicted of crimes, the ones with bad stats and less playing time seem to be the ones getting thrown off the team. Such a crazy coincidence.)

Photo: Rob Tringali/Superchrome/Getty Images