Bruce Campbell Gets More Chin Time in Spider-Man 4

September 14, 2009

Bruce Campbell, the man with the chin who's been with Spider-Man director Sam Raimi since both of their careers began with the Evil Dead films, has had cameos in all three Spider-Man films so far. But it looks like he might be getting more screen time for that famous chin of his in the fourth film. This is long overdue.

Access Hollywood says that Campbell could be cast as a major villain in Spider-Man 4, though as of yet he doesn't know if this is the case. The rumor at this point is that Campbell might play the part of Mysterio:

Bruce told Access that in the next installment in the superhero franchise, he’s been told he has a major part – but didn’t yet know anything about his character. The villain – or villains — for the movie have yet to be revealed, though some fans have speculated that Bruce could take on the role of Mysterio – the master of illusion.

Others are speculating that a "major part" might simply mean that Campbell will have another cameo wherein he somehow alters Peter Parker's life. Let's hope this isn't the case. Campbell has been largely wasted in bit parts in the Spider-Man franchise to date, and considering how much he helped Raimi have a career at all it's a shame he hasn't gotten more work.

Of course, a lot of people see Campbell as a largely comedic actor who's best used when a genre is being spoofed, but after Spider-Man 3 it's probably safe to say Raimi should take the franchise -- and himself -- a little less seriously.

Who would you like to see Campbell play? The Lizard? Mysterio? Carnage? (Just kidding.) Whoever he's cast as, it's likely he'll steal whatever scenes he's in. The same can't be said for some of the other leads we've seen in the Spider-Man films.

Source: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images