Our Friend Dan

August 25, 2009

Dan Alport aka Danzilla is a'tris' best friend. It's pretty hard not to love this guy; whenever we play a show within about a two+ hour radius from him, he's there rocking his a'tris t-shirt. Frequently he brings us homemade brownies (which are delicious!) and he's always super kind and supportive.

Currently Dan is attending our alma mater, Berklee College of Music, and he's told me on many occasions that he's going to be a part of a'tris someday. I believe him. Dan's too cool not to be a part of our project. The question though has always been how to bring him on board. College has a way of draining almost all of one's free time, especially Berklee. Maybe I'm only speaking for myself here because Nate, Ben, and Travis are all pretty hip to music theory, but my head was in a book 24-7 during my stay there so any type of street team position is out. Dan's also exploring his own projects so collaboration would be difficult. And poaching him wouldn't fly because, unless you're in Spinal Tap, as far as bassists go - there can be only one. (Anyone appreciate the Highlander reference?)

Last night, though, it clicked. I was on Facebook when I saw a comment Dan posted about some pretty cool news. A while back he answered an open casting call for hippy extras in the upcoming film, Taking Woodstock, and mentioned to us that he received a minor part. But it turns out that minor part has played into some major exposure for him as is evidenced by the below snapshot from the film's official website.

Yup; that's Dan. His face is apparently all over some posters for the film too! Our friend Dan is now, in my book at least, a verified celebrity. Unfortunately he mentioned to us that he was unable to wear his a'tris t-shirt on the shoot because he was required to don period garb and it's sadly true that a'tris was not around for the first Woodstock :) But his stint in the flick apparently landed him another walk-on part in an upcoming Mel Gibson movie so be on the look out for that one. It's set in modern times so Dan has told us that he will be rocking our logo!

Dan Alport, if you're reading this, we have a position available for you if you would like to take it: official mascot.