Man Shoots Wife During Sex, Invents New Sex Move

December 4, 2008

An Ohio woman is in a critical condition after her husband shot her during sex. Carolyn and Timothy Havens were in the middle of coitus when they were interruptus-ed when a gun went off. Hear the 911 call after the jump.

Timothy told Police he was reaching for something on the nightstand when the gun went off. The couple has a history of problems, which makes his excuse of accidentally shooting his wife while making love a little implausible. Timothy recently served 60 days in jail for assaulting his wife and was ordered to undertake anger management classes. He was immediately arrested after calling 911, because he violated a civil protection order taken out by Carolyn earlier in the year.

Out of all this, Timothy may have invented a new sex move - the Shotgun, sure to rival the Donkey Punch.