Mantenna - Friday, July 10

July 8, 2009

Carmen Electra gets topless in Vegas, Robert Plant receives a royal honor, and Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster lose their minds. Whatcha gonna do when the Mantenna runs wild on you?!

Source: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Carmen Electra is Topless in Vegas

Carmen Electra is getting back to her roots and performing in a topless burlesque show in Las Vegas. The 37-year-old is performing in a show called Crazy Horse at the MGM Grand until July 13th. She is joined by a bevy of dancers but is the only performer in the show that performs completely topless. Girl is putting those funbags to work! [Bunny With Fangs]

Man Uses Penis to Avoid Jail

A man accused of exposing himself on a train in the United Kingdom has walked free because he has a tattoo on his penis. Barry Kenny, age 28, was accused of drunkenly waving his Johnson at a female guard and was prepared to show the court his two-inch tattoo of a lizard, nicknamed Larry, which is etched into his member. The court decided to drop the charges, rather than see Barry lizard. [The Sun]

Celebrities Lose Their Minds in Twos

Sometimes when celebrities go nuts they go nuts in twos, and the fact that Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster have both signed onto a film project called The Beaver is proof of this theory. Gibson plans to star and Foster direct. The script is about a CEO of a toy company who's have a mid-life crisis of some kind and resorts to speaking through a beaver puppet he refuses to take off. Oh yeah -- the beaver has an English accent. This sounds like something Steve Carell could pull off, and he was initially involved with the project before he dropped it for Date Night. Can anyone really picture Gibson being this zany and pulling it off? Someone should whisper softly into his ear, Braveheart 2. [Slash Film]

Robert Plant Receives Royal Honor


Source: Chris Walter/Getty Images

Robert Plant received a royal honor from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on today, putting the Led Zeppelin legend one step above his homie Jimmy Page. Plant even joked that he and Page would not be fighting over rank, even though Plant's new Commander of the British Empire is a higher honor than Page's Order of the British Empire. "If we can remember each other's phone number at this time in life it's a miracle," he joked. "We're still good friends, we both enjoy a rather dark sense of humor that comes, I think, from being from rather the wrong side of the tracks for all those wild years." [Daily Mail]

Michael Jackson Dominates Euro Chart

Michael Jackson has officially achieved European sales domination this week with the top four titles on the European Top 100 Albums, and five of the top six. Epic/Sony Music Entertainment's Jackson records dominated the sales market with a variety of compilations. King of Pop came out on top, climbing 24-1 on the new composite survey after re-entering the German chart at No. 1. It also came in at No. 4 in Italy.  Will this ever end? [Billboard]

GM Hooks up with eBay to Get Rid of Cars

You always hear complaints about the new car buying process being antiquated and "old n' busted." Desperate to revamp their image, and maybe sell a few cars, GM's apparently seeking to change the buying process as it emerges from bankruptcy by partnering with eBay for new car auctions. Although the salient details are slim as of now, here's what we know from today's press release announcing the "New GM", aka the "General Motors Company.": "We're also working on new ways to make car buying more convenient for our customers, including an innovative new partnership with eBay in California to revolutionize how people buy vehicles online," Henderson said. "Customers will be able to bid on actual vehicles just like they do in an eBay auction, including the option of choosing a predetermined 'buy it now' price..." Just remember to check those shipping rates, kids! [Forbes]

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla, Thanks for Electricty

Nikola Tesla, the granddaddy of the AC current electricity that we all know and love, was born on this day way back in 1856. He was also the credited with the invention of the wireless radio and is <em>possibly</em> the creator of the "death ray" which is probably stored below the White House, you know, just in case. Man, ff only he were alive to see what kind of goofy crap we were doing with his namesake coils. [Wired]

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