Xtreme Bowling Requires Xtreme Balls

May 5, 2009

Bowling is pretty great to begin with, but to really send it over the Mountain Dew-soaked top, it needs a few xxxtreme additions. 

The Xtreme Bowling Association (henceforth XBA) is looking to revitalize the sport of balls rolling on wood with a few minor tweaks.  There will be, in this new league, up to 12 different flavors of Xtreme-ness.  Some notable examples include the Texas Exhaustion Match, Double Ball Bowling, Drink ‘n Roll, but the best one is probably the Texas Distraction Match: 

Coming at you straight from Archer County, Texas comes the Texas Distraction Match. The crowd is required to be silent while two teams battle it out, annoy and "roast" each other while bowiling taking turns.  Highest score wins.

For more information on the XBA, or to find a match near you, head over to their official site

Source: Gregor Schuster/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images