Mantenna - Tuesday, October 13

October 13, 2009

January Jones shows some skin for GQ, Sam Raimi gets nerdy with World of Warcraft, and Queen: Rock Band might be coming soon...the Mantenna is always watching you!

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January Jones Poses for GQ

Mad Men hottie January Jones is on the cover of this month’s GQ magazine, showing off her cleavage and talking smack about reported ex Ashton Kutcher. The actress and former model tells GQ magazine, “The guy I was dating when I first got to L.A. was not supportive of my acting. He was like, I don’t think you’re going to be good at this. So—f*** you! He only has nice things to say now—if anything, I should thank him. Because the minute you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when I’m most motivated.” [GQ]

Jon Gosselin Has to Pay

Reality TV dad Jon Gosselin has been ordered by a Pennsylvania judge to return $180,000 he removed from a bank account he shares with his estranged wife Kate Gosselin. The money is part of $232,000 Jon removed from the account “against their divorce arbitrator's explicit orders.” Kate maintains the money is used to pay the living expenses of the couple's eight children. Jon has to return the cash by October 26th or he's screwed. [People]

Sam Raimi Gets Nerdy

Are you a World of Warcraft addict? If so, there may be more dope for your addiction coming to a theater near you. Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider-Man franchise, is developing a movie version of the popular online video game. And get this: Robert Rodat, the writer of Saving Private Ryan, is going to pen the script, to be called Warcraft. This sounds like a whole lot of talent being funneled into an audience that has a very specific demographic, but there you have it. Raimi says, “We want to be really faithful to the game.” In that case, the movie should never end, and the audience should have to spend one hundred hours watching it to even get to see the second act. [/Film]

The Hobbit is Alive and Well

Ian McKellen recently gave the interwebs the heads up about the progress of The Hobbit, and it seems all is well with the project. Despite the fact that he claims he’s a bit long in the tooth to feature prominently in the Magneto film, as it will focus on a young Magneto, he’s still a big part of The Hobbit movies (there are going to be two of them) that Guillermo Del Toro is behind. He says, “And they'll be going when they've always said they would be, which is next spring – March or April. Guillermo even told me at one point, 'We're going to film for 383 days.'” Well, you can’t get any more specific than that. Looks like MGM managed to get their ducks in a row so we won’t miss out on the next part of The Lord of the Rings universe. [First Showing]

Spice Girls Announce Reunion Tour, Again


Source: Denise Truscello/Getty Images

Former Spice Girl Mel B has confirmed that the over-the-top Spice Girls will reunite once again for another comeback tour. "We're definitely going to be doing something together again soon. We're actually working on it right now,” she told Contact Music in a recent interview. No other details were announced. This should be a fantabulous train wreck to say the least. Menopausal Girl Power! [Contact Music]

Massive T-Mobile Server Crash Loses All Sidekick Users' Data, Later Reclaims Some Back

Yesterday a huge server crash lost every single Sidekick user's data - including contact lists, emails, the whole shebang. And apparently there was no redundant backup! The problem was so big that all T-Mobile online stores now show Sidekicks as "out of stock." Some better news comes to us today, however, as some users are reporting that they've been able to retrieve some of their data back via manually re-entering some of them, which apparently magically restored the rest of them. A T-Mobile rep later stated: "We would like to collect some examples of this." Yeah, we bet you would. [Info World]

Dedicated Queen Rock Band Coming Soon?

In a recent interview with the BBC, Queen guitarist Brian May commented on his inclusion in Lego Rock Band, calling his brickification "the ultimate accolade." Shortly thereafter, the conversation got a bit more fascinating. May mentioned that there had been discussion "going on behind the scenes" about the possibility of a Queen: Rock Band akin to the Beatles-dedicated title, which dropped last month. He later added, "yes, we're into it, I think it may happen." With a catalog of songs as dynamic and catchy as Queen's, this should be a no-brainer. [Computer & Video Games]

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