Deadliest Warrior: Armies

June 12, 2009

Deadliest Warrior: Armies

Why not do elite armies? The "special weapon" can be the leader of the army.


Spartan Spartiates vs Tiger Guard of 3 Kingdoms China

Spartan Spartiates:
Leader- Lysander (excellent tactician who defeated Athens. Excelled at land and naval warfare)
Weapons- same as show
Number- 5000

Tiger Guard:
Leader- Dian Wei (intimidating bodyguard of Prime Minister Tsoa Tsoa. Known for fighting with two 100 pound halberds)
Weapons: Halberds, long sword, spear, and crossbow
Number: 5000


Next: Alexander the Great's Argyraspides (silver shields) vs. Genghis Khan's Cavalry Archers

Silver Shields:
Leader- Alexander (one of the greatest conquerors of all time. His army defeated infantry, cavalry, chariots, and elephants; as well as, being excellent at seige warfare and guerrilla warfare. Arguably the most versatile, adaptative army in the world.)
Weapons: Sarissa (18 ft spear), 8 ft spear, short sword, javelin, and shield.
Number: 3000
Armour: Silver shield, silver armour, helmet, and greaves.

Leader- Genghis Khan (Great conqueror. Unified dozens of Mongol clans. Known for his battlefield prowess and ability to spot talent. His army defeated the Northen Chinese, Imperial Chinese, Middle Eastern countries, and portions of Europe. The world's greatest cavalry archers)
Weapons: Mogolian Bow (over 100lb test), scimitar, axe, lance, and horse.
Number: 3000
Armour: boiled leather with underlying iron, chain mail, and special silk shirt.

There are dozens more elite units that could battle such as: Templars, The Immortals, Xenophon's 10,000 Greeks Mercenaries, Shingen Takeda's Samurai cavalry, ...etc