Control Facebook with Goo

November 20, 2008

This concept design from Nicolas Myers is a visual illustration of your social network.  You plug it into your computer and each of your friends is represented by a goo spike.  The more important friends get bigger spikes, but you can’t tell which is which, you can only tell how tall a particular spike is. 

Here’s what the designer says:

Social networks, such as Facebook or Myspace, are a reality people using the Internet can’t avoid…The way these systems work leads to new, yet somewhat limited relationships: you can either “add a friend” or not, say “yes” or “no.” A binary thinking like this leaves no room for degrees of shade…

Our project offers an indirect way to deal with these problems. A virtual robot makes and keeps new contacts for you by taking over your virtual identity. Your only control over its decisions is through an interface representing the network itself: a black liquid surface covered by numerous spikes that stand for each of your “friends.” It is by altering the surface of this « liquid », that one can interact with the robot and influence his actions in the virtual world.