Deadliest Warrior: Ninja vs Persian Immortal

August 10, 2010

Deadliest Warrior: Ninja vs Persian Immortal


Close Range: Ninjato vs Sagaris: Ninjato due to its manuverability and powerful strikes to injure and kill an opponent.

Medium Range:  Black eggs vs Persian Spear:  Persian Spear due to its higher lethality and optional blunt part that can be use as a weapon.

Long Range: Shuriken & Poison Blow Gun vs Bow and Arrow:  Bow and arrow due to higher chance of quick lethality and faster reload time.

Special Weapons: Kusarigama vs Persian Chariot Scythe: Kusarigama due to its options that can be used as a Hacking and swinging weapon in order to kill the opponent.


The Battle:

The Persian Immortal is seen riding his chariot through the quiet and peaceful surroundings of a clear forest. The Ninja jumps through trees and sees an opponent worth facing and quickly approaches his enemy swiftly through jumping one tree to another. The immortal notice something moving through the trees and order his companion to stop the chariot for the moment. His fellow immortal asks why they needed to stop right here. The Ninja shoots his blow gun and hits the chariot immortal controller through the neck. The Chariot driver fell dead and the ninja threw a Shuriken for good measure to the dead immortal. The Ninja threw another shuriken but was blocked by the shield of the Persian Immortal and jumps down from his chariot. The ninja jumps from the tree and drew his Ninjato and attacks his foe directly.

The Persian Immortal Charges with his Spear and nearly hits the Ninja, The Spear is too slow for the Ninja proceeds to perform a high kick and hits the shield of the Immortal warrior. The Ninja Swings the Ninjato but was blocked by the spear attack as well. The Ninja tries to pull the Spear away but to no Avail, The Persian deck his face with the Shield. The Persian drops his shield and Charges with the spear two handed trying to impale the Ninja.  The Ninja Quick gets up before the spear hits him, the Persian misses and hits nothing but soil. The ninja swings his Ninjato and Cuts the spear in half. The ninja then swings his Ninjato and slashes the face of the Immortal. The Persian is a bit dazed and runs to the chariot to retrieve his Bow and Arrow. After the ninja disappears, the Persian is in Pursuit with his Bow and arrow in hands.

The Persian notices swing moving in the bushes and fires his arrow immediately and hits a duck right in his ribs. The Immortal loads another arrow and carefully thinks on what he shoots next time. The Ninja Saw what has transpired and quickly moves in the dark. The ninja jumps into the scene and the Immortal shoots his arrow and misses the Ninja and hits a tree this time. The Ninja Uses the Kusarigama in order to destroy the Bow and Arrow. The Persian was stuck by the ball from the weapon in the chest and was knocked out for a few minutes and quickly gets up. The Ninja Uses the Sickle part of the weapon and pierces the immortals left arm and rips it out. Blood was spilling from the Immortals left arm but he was strong enough to draw the Sagaris Battle axe. The Immortal was cautions to be hit by a superior weapon again so, He moved quickly as the Ninja. The Ninja misses with his Strike and the Sickle edge was stuck on a branch. The Immortal Charges even though he is wounded and disarms the Ninja with his Deadly weapon. The Ninja grabs the Black egg and threw it in the Persian’s Face. A Glass shard blind the immortal in The Left eye and was hit with another Shuriken in the leg for good measures. The Immortal Shrugs off and hold the pain off the glass in his eye.

The Immortal chases the Ninja, and the two clashes Blades once again the Immortal slashes the ninja’s Right forearm with the Axe. It didn’t bother the Ninja and replies back with another slash to the chest this time, The Sword slash broke the Immortal’s Rib and destroys the golden scales in his armor. The Immortal rushes in and Attack once again with his Sagaris Battle Axe, The Ninja Thrusts into the armor and Punctures his body causing a semi wound on his chest. The Immortal Raises the Sagaris and Bisects the Ninja’s Skull with his Iron Pike in the Sagaris killing the Ninja instantly from a Skull Fracture. The Immortal walks away victorious and limping from his injuries.


Ninjato: 209

Black Eggs: 0

Shuriken& Poison Blow Gun: 95

Kusarigama: 100




Persian Immortal

Sagaris: 305

Spear: 104

Bow and Arrow: 106

Chariot Scythe: 0




The Persian Immortal won due to his better armor and weaponry especially in long range. The ninja on the other hand nearly kills the Immortal with his martial arts skills and weapons but not close enough to the finish.