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Back To The Future
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The Most-Deserved Deaths On 1000 Ways To Die

by AaronAhmadi   September 26, 2012 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 244,281
5. Blinded Me With Science

A woman's contact lenses get fused to her eyeballs during a chemistry experiment, resulting in a panicked run to the eye-wash and a fatal meeting with a marble wall.

4.Super Zero

A real life crime fighting super hero is harassing some teens smoking pot when he trips on his own cape and falls to his death.

3. Laser's Edge

A prankster is fooling around with a "death ray" that he built from scratch, but he gets knocked unconscious and the intense beam of UV radiation bores straight through his skull.

2. Hack Attack

A computer hacker's attempt to hack his own pacemaker goes wrong when the signal gets picked up by a neighbor's video-game controller.

1. One Ring to Kill Them All
An obnoxious Hipster attempts to steal a steampunk-style ring from a yard sale, only to discover (too late) that it's a 19th century ring-gun.