The Most-Deserved Deaths On 1000 Ways To Die

September 26, 2012
On 1000 Ways To Die you've seen plenty of folk falling into the hands of the grim reaper because they were either just plain stupid or full of vein-popping rage (heck, sometimes both). Many of these imbeciles were just jerks and had it coming one way or another – real jerks. With all these jackasses on the show you're probably thinking the same thing as us at this point: which of these numbskulls deserved what they got in the end the most? Hmm, do we really have to pick?

10. Black Light Scorpions

A state health inspector taints hotel rooms to collect bribes and is killed when he fails to recognize bark scorpions under his black light.

9. Wedding Crasher

A spurned lover streaks at his ex-girlfriend's wedding and dies when he crashes through a glass door.

8. Jerked Off

A college a**hole dies when his bunk bed collapses, thanks to his roommate's sexcapades.

7. Mod Man

An electronics wiz "mods" two robotic vacuum cleaners into battle bots that eventually turn on him with the very weapons he equipped them with.

6. Over-I-Dose

A top hacker encounters a deadly frequency of audio while "i-dosing" - creating digital drugs.

5. Blinded Me With Science

A woman's contact lenses get fused to her eyeballs during a chemistry experiment, resulting in a panicked run to the eye-wash and a fatal meeting with a marble wall.

4.Super Zero

A real life crime fighting super hero is harassing some teens smoking pot when he trips on his own cape and falls to his death.

3. Laser's Edge

A prankster is fooling around with a "death ray" that he built from scratch, but he gets knocked unconscious and the intense beam of UV radiation bores straight through his skull.

2. Hack Attack

A computer hacker's attempt to hack his own pacemaker goes wrong when the signal gets picked up by a neighbor's video-game controller.

1. One Ring to Kill Them All
An obnoxious Hipster attempts to steal a steampunk-style ring from a yard sale, only to discover (too late) that it's a 19th century ring-gun.