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by Robbie E   April 05, 2012 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 1,146

What up, my dudes? This past week I have been representing IMPACT WRESTLING in one of its biggest markets: The UK. I gotta say I have had a great time, but there are some things that the UK does indeed lack that Jersey has, bro. So this week that is THE LIST!

5. The chicks - I have been here a week already and there are more hamsters here then on a hamster farm, bro. Get some makeup and order clothes off the Internet from diff countries or something. Jeez, bro.

4. The gyms - It's 2012, not the 80s. Update your gym equipment. I have been to numerous gyms this week and all of them are super old and have, like, terrible air ventilation. How am I supposed to get jacked dealing with that?

3. The food - Where are the protein bars? The protein shakes? The Swedish fish? Come on, my UK dudes! Fix this. I mean, at Burger King you are selling lamb burgers! Gross!

2. The attitudes - Everyone here is super rude and for what? You are all ugly, so why do you get to be so cocky? Plus, fix your voices. I can't even understand all of you.

1. The smells - Why is it everywhere I go there is a funky smell? I mean everywhere! Even the super market. That's just creepy.

Til next week. O, you Winston the list bro!

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