Connect with IMPACT WRESTLING Live!

by Spike   August 09, 2012 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 70,072

You may have heard already, but we're blowing the roof of the joint..

We're starting IMPACT WRESTLING at 8/7c, we've got Brooke Hogan in charge of the Knockouts now, and we are LIVE through the end of the year! That's enough right?

Hell no, that's not enough. So here's more.

IMPACT WRESTLING wants to hear from you. Interact with your favorite wrestlers, ask them questions and they may answer you during commercial breaks. And you'll hear their comments right as they come through the curtains. You won't hear this stuff anywhere else, so don't miss out.

Check it out right here during IMPACT WRESTLING, LIVE at 8/7c, and we'll fill your commercial breaks with more wrestling action.

There may even be chances for you to play matchmaker, but you have to watch, and you have to get involved.

Image Courtesy: TNA Entertainment



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