Mantenna - Monday, September 27

September 27, 2010

The old lady from Titanic passes away, Kid Cudi pleads guilty to drug possession, and sleeping with a prostitute may hurt David Beckham's marriage...I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Mantenna!

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Gloria Stuart is Gone

Gloria Stuart, an actress best known to current audiences for her role in Titanic, has died. The 100-year-old was a star of the 1930s, lighting up the silver screen in such classics as The Old Dark House, The Invisible Man, and Rebecca in Sunnybrook Farm. Stuart gave up acting in 1946, before returning briefly to the craft in the 1970s. It wasn’t until Titanic in 1997 that she became a household name once again. Stuart received an Academy Award nomination at age 87 for her role as Rose Cavert and is the oldest person ever nominated for the acting award. The actress died in her sleep at her home in Los Angeles. She leaves behind a daughter, four grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. [New York Times]

Another TV Show Based on a Twitter Account

Following the successful launch of the sitcom $#*! My Dad Says last week, CBS has inked a second deal to bring a Twitter feed to television. The television network is developing a script based on the Twitter feed Shh… Don’t Tell Steve. The show, like the Twitter account, is about a guy who lives with an immature roommate. The feed has over 13,000 followers. Some example tweets include, "Steve loudly challenging people to a drinking contest. Nobody biting, so he's just doing shots and declaring himself the winner" and "Steve, just now, yelling from our bathroom: 'Total Asparagus pee bro! Come smell!'" Celebrity Twitter aficionado Ashton Kutcher has signed on to produce the show. [Live Feed]

Kid Cudi Pleads Guilty

Following his arrest back in June, Kid Cudi has pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance. Cudi was given an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, an ultimate dismissal of the charge, and was sentenced to two days of community service. Cudi was arrested after a domestic dispute at a woman’s New York apartment which led to police finding a controlled substance in his possession. Being a big time rap star sounds awesome. [TMZ]

Sleeping with Prostitute May Hurt David Beckham's Marriage

According to various sources, Victoria Beckham is not happy with her husband David's recent affair. The first affair she was totally cool with, though. It's the recent one with a defected Bosnian prostitute that's irking her a tad. The Daily Mail claims that "Victoria could leave the States because of her 'rage and humiliation' over the vice girl who claimed to have slept with husband David. The fashion designer is said to have confided in friends and family in the U.K. that Bosnian-born prostitute Irma Nici has wrecked her 'happy' Los Angeles life." Damn those Bosnian-born hookers! How many more lives will you ruin? [Daily Mail]

LeBron James is Actually Taking His Talents to a Basketball Court

After months of destroying the hopes of Cleveland Cavaliers fans and mocking the entire free agency process, LeBron James has finally started playing basketball again. “It’s funny how things happen in life and how people react. It seems like a lot of people try to tell you what to do with your life and most of the time they don’t even have their own life in order," he told reporters. "That was just funny to me. So I’m really excited for this opportunity for this franchise, getting an opportunity to bring my game to this city.” Hear that, Cavs fans? Maybe you should get your own lives in order! [Yahoo!]


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