Jesse James vs Yakuza

October 21, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Late 1800's Missouri bandit that was uncatchable by the law. Japanese gangsters that rose for revenge after World War Two.

X - Factors: Jesse James, his brother Frank, and friends rose to bushwack Union Soldiers after the Civil War. The Yakuza also rose for revenge after a war, when the bombs blew in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW||.

Jesse James:

Long Range: Winchester Rifle.

Medium Range: Colt Revolvers.

Short Range: Bowie Knife.

Special: Pistol Whip.

Explosive: Dynamite Sticks.


Long Range: Sten Machine Gun.

Medium Range: Walther P-38.

Short Range: Sais.

Special: Nunchakus.

Explosive: Ceramic Grenade.


Winchester vs Sten. Edge = Sten.

Most definately. Even though the Winchester is a cool rifle and can cock it again really fast, but the Sten is actually automatic and has good accuracy.

Colts vs Walther. Edge = Colts.

This was pretty even, but what made the difference was that there are two Revolvers and it has very fast quickdraw. Both are accurate, however.

Bowie vs Sais. Edge = Even.

Both are really great stabbing weapons, but why I made this even is because even though each are same in length, the Sais have the ability to take your weapon, while the Bowie can be thrown.

Pistol Whip vs Nunchakus. Edge = Nunchakus.

Both these whipping weapons are concealable, but the Nunchakus is much more faster, and a little longer in range.

Dynamite vs Ceramic. Edge = Dynamite.

Dynamite Sticks can take down an entire small building. The Ceramic Grenade is a great distraction weapon and might kill, but isn't assured one.


There was a a horrible war that had happened. Not the Civil War. Not World War 2. But it was a new war called the Japan's Civil War. Union Soldiers came to battle the Japanese army. During the war, Jesse reassembeled his gang and started bushwacking some Union Soldiers. But he ran into the wrong enemy.

Jesse and Frank were leading their other four men on their horses. Jesse and Frank pull out one revolver each but saw no soldiers. They were supposed to find sentries at a small boot camp where they were. No sentries. They stopped by one of the cabins of the boot camp where there was a light on and saw shadows inside. They peak through a small opening in a window.

"Just our luck," Jesse muttered. "These are some Japanese guys. If we take them down, then we could take this war to an end." He demanded a stick of dynamite and lit it. He wasn't able to throw it in because of the small slit in the window, but as soon as he stuck it through, one of the Japanese 'guys' pulled up a walther and shot the stick.

The dynamite defused, and the walther shot the window where Jesse is. Or should I say, "was"? Jesse ducked at the last second and he pulled up his colts. Even though Jesse was the leader, one of his men ran infront with his winchester, kicked open the door, and shot in. Another Japanese man dropped onto a table behind him. The gang now realized this was the Yakuza they were dealing with.

Jesse James: 6. Yakuza: 5.

The rest of Jesse's gang ran in shooting, but the one infront shooting his winchester was taken down by a barrage of bullets from a sten. The sten shooter qickly turned to run in another part of the cabin, but as he turned, he was looking down the barrel of one of Jesse's colts. The man's head blew up.

Jesse saw the rest of the Yakuza run into the room the sten shooter was heading to. They followed. As they turned, a small grenade was thrown under them. Most of the gang saw it, but two didn't. One was blown up, the other was bent over in pain. Another one of the gang pushed the injured one out of the way. He pulled out his bowie and threw it in the room. The thrown knife barely missed the face of the Yakuza leader.

Jesse James: 4. Yakuza: 4.

The leader of the Yakuza that was almost hit with the bowie, was confronted by the thrower himself with another bowie. He pulled out his sais and was able to keep the bowie with one, and hit the neck of the cowboy with the other. Jesse and Frank were shooting inside the room, trying to take on the other Yakuza.

The injured James gangster tries to get up and pulls out another winchester. The leader of the Yakuza was able to take his walther and shoot the injured one. Frank, however was successful in shooting and killed one of the Yakuza.

Jesse James: 2. Yakuza: 3.

After shooting the one Frank just killed, he realized he was now out of ammo. One of the three Yakuza was now his target. Frank grabbed the Yakuza and smashed his empty gun on him. Jesse yells, "Watch Out!" But it was too late.

Another Yakuza snuck up on Frank, spinning his nunchakus. It knocks the empty pistol whip out of Frank's hands, and then comes onto Frank's head. It knocked Frank down, with a serious bump on his head. He knew if he didn't get out soon he would have his brains on the floor. Jesse runs to help.

Jesse grabbed the bowie knife that stuck in the wall. He saw the leader of the Yakuza retreat outside. But he focused on the man beating his brother. Before the Yakuza saw Jesse, the bowie popped up in his neck and slashed his windpipe.

Jesse helped Frank up, who was holding his bumbed head. Jesse grabs a winchester, and Frank holds up some dynamite. They slowly exit the building, ready to hit the last Yakuza. From behind the cabin, the Yakuza jumped out, shooting a sten. Frank was taken down, and, even though he hated the idea, Jesse used him as a human shield. He shot back but missed.

Jesse James: 1. Yakuza: 1.

Jesse looked at his dead sibling's feet. He picks up one stick of dynamite, and was able to light it.

He threw the dynamite which landed in a nearby trash can. The Yakuza was hiding behind it, but ran like the wind. That didn't stop the dynamite from exploding. It destroyed the trash can easily, and threw the Yakuza to the ground. Jesse thought the dynamite killed him, but before he could move, the Yakuza pulled out a walther.

Jesse wasn't fast enough to pull up his winchester and was shot. The bullet hit him right in the stomach, which didn't kill him at first. He bent over in pain, and fell on his back. The stomach wound was horrible and he still couldn't pull up his winchester. The Yakuza got up, and stepped on Jesse's chest.

He aimed the walther into James' head, and shot at point blank range. The Yakuza leader stood up with a limp, and screamed in victory.

Jesse James: 0. Yakuza: 1.

Yakuza: 580.

Sten Machine Gun: 316.

Walther P-38: 181.

Sais: 44.

Nunchakus: 37.

Ceramic Grenade: 2.

Jesse James: 420.

Winchester Rifle: 207.

Colt Revolver: 119.

Bowie: 45.

Pistol Whip: 6.

Dynamite Sticks: 43.

Ending Assessment: The Yakuza's modern-age gun like the Sten got the greatest facor in this game.

Best Weapon: The Sten was able to kill the James' Gang with 316 deaths.

Worst Weapon: The Ceramic Grenade only blew up Jesse twice.