Learn How The Auction Hunters Conquered Miami In This Season Premiere Rundown

April 8, 2011
Ton and Allen already conquered Season One of Auction Hunters, and now they’re taking the show on the road for Season Two! They’ll be tackling the best storage auctions America has to offer with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 10PM/9c. The season is already off with a bang as Ton and Allen set their sights on Miami. Anything goes and in this first episode we learned just what it means to hunt a “container.” Let’s see how the guys did.


It’s here in the city of bright sun and gorgeous women that Ton and Allen were set for their first on-the-road adventure. However, in South Florida the experts that they encountered were unfamiliar ones. They didn’t know their enemy, which left them at a distinct disadvantage.

Delta Relay Rocket and NASA Countdown Clock

Sold For: $2800This custom rocket was pretty to look at, but it was only a display model used for show by the Air Force. It was still a one-of-a-kind, giving it some nice value. Meanwhile, the countdown clock most likely came from a launch complex on the Cape side, and just like the rocket, you don’t see an item like this every day. The rare items are always the ones that matter. Time to start counting the money.


Sold For: $5350

Grass, sand, water, ice . . . this guy flies over all of it. Its fun to ride, but man are these things dangerous. Be sure to strap on that helmet, Ton! Before the episode aired we asked our fans on Facebook which would be the bigger sell: this Hovercraft or the Quadzilla that Ton and Allen find in episode two. The vote was split pretty much down the middle, but it was the hovercraft that came out on top by an easy $2450.

After spending only $2800 on the rooms, and selling the above items along with some smaller ones for an additional $2490, Miami proved to be pretty sunny for Ton and Allen as they netted a cool $7840 in pure profit. If you missed how this all went down, then watch the full episode right now. All new episodes air on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. Continue to monitor Facebook for the latest Auction Hunters exclusive content and updates.