Mongol vs. Knight

December 5, 2010

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Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 20: Mongol vs. Knight

The Mongols; the vicious asian horse warriors who used brute savagery to conquer more territory in the 13th century then any empire in history.
(We see a group of Mongols firing arrows form horseback).

A Knight; sword wielding slayer of the medieval age.
(We see a Knight on horseback swinging his Morning Star).

                                                   WHO IS DEADLIEST?
To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is....THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Circa 1225
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 145 LBS
Armor: Leather Lamellar

Year: 1423
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 LBS
Armor: Plate

Narrator: Here at the Fight Club, we take four weapons used by the vicious Mongol warriors:

Iron Flanged Mace
Composite Recurve Bow
Ild Sword

Narrator: And place them against the sword wielding slayer, the Knight:

Morning Star

Narrator: For our first test, our two warriors will test out some of the weapons that make them unique: The Mongol's Iron Flanged Mace, and the Knight's Broadsword.

Fred stared down the three gel torsos, while slapping his palm with the head of his Mace. Approaching the target on the left, he reeled his arm back and smashed the top of the gel skull. Instantly, the skull caved in, the neck shattered, and the grey matter splattered the area. The center dummy was hit on the side of the head, where again the neck and skull broke apart. The last dummy was just a gel head, and when Fred smashed it, he actually had difficulty pulling the Mace back out.

However, there was one final test to perform. The team brought out one more gel head, this one encased in the Knight's signature armor. Taking the mace in two hands, he hit the helmet with all his might. This time the the skull didn't splatter, but the helmet did get a large dent in it. The doctor removed the helmet, to reveal the skull with a large depression.

Dr. Dorian: This right here is a kill. Even through the heavy armor, this person is dead. It isn't instant, but it's pretty close.

Next was Bob, wielding a large Broadsword. His target was a large slab of hanging meat. With a quick swing he gouged a deep wound in the side of the meat, nearly splitting it in two. A second swing completed the job and the meat fell to the floor.

For Bob's second test, a gel dummy was set up wearing Mongol cloths. Charging the dummy, Bob decapitated it in a single swing. The second swing lodged the blade deep inside the dummy's chest.

Dr. Dorian: This is a difficult call. The Broadsword is very lethal, but slow. The Mace is a little faster, and can affect the Knight even inside the armor. I think that that is the deciding factor. When I saw the Mace crush the skull, even through the helmet, I was impressed. So I'm giving the short range edge to the Iron Mace.

Edge: Mongol

Narrator: Next, our two competitors will launch an attack with their long range weaponry: the Knight's Crossbow, and the Mongol's Composite Recurve Bow.

Bob was first, loading a crossbow. Since the Mongol fired his arrows from horseback, he would do the same. The DW crew already knew what the crossbow could do from the ground. So, snapping the reigns, Bob ran parallel to the targets. When his target was lined up, he fired. The bolt lodged in the dummy's soldier, not a kill shot. Trying to load as fast as he could on horseback was difficult, but soon he was ready. His second bolt struck home, and hit the dummy in the chest, piercing the heart.

Dr. Dorian: The Crossbow is very lethal, but I worry about the long reload time. If nothing else, that is the Crossbow's biggest failing.

Next was Fred, who was feeling a little uncertain. Like Bob, his dummy was wearing clothing to fit the opposing warrior. Unfortunately, that meant that his dummy was wearing head to toe Plate armor. It would take some really accurate shooting to score a kill shot.

Gathering his things, Fred began his test. From the first shot Fred knew this wasn't going to end well. The first shot merely pinged off the Knight's helmet. The two meant for his chest bounced away like nothing. At the third shot, fired as he was turning to make the return lap, got lucky and went through the unarmored elbow, though it didn't hit anything vital. Taking great aim with his final shot, Fred managed one right at a bit of unarmored neck.

Dr. Dorian: Well, that's rather disappointing for the Mongol's bow. Out of six shots, four were deflected by the Knight's armor. One scored a glancing blow, though if it had been a few inches closer, it might have been a kill shot. And one very lucky shot to the throat. Well that settles it, despite the long reload time, the Crossbow is capable of consistently hitting the target. The Long Range Edge goes to the Crossbow.

Edge: Knight

Narrator: For the third test, our warriors will bring out their deadly Mid-Range Weaponry: The Mongol Glaive, and the Knight's Halberd.

Fred went first, holding a Glaive and facing another suit of armor. Fred was really beginning to hate that thing. His first slash scrapped the chest-plate, without piercing it. Deciding to try a different tactic, Fred aimed at the arm and leg joints of the armor. With an upward slash, he was able to leave a deep gouge in the right arm. Continuing the combo, he slashed through the opening in the leg armor, which resulted in a satisfying splash of blood. None of his other attacks managed to do much, but he had proven his point. The Glaive could get at the Knight, even through his armor.

Bob's Halberd, however, had a much easier time getting through the Mongol's Leather Lamellar armor. With a single swing, he almost bifurcated the dummy right down the middle. With a second swing the job was done, and the dummy fell into four pieces.

Dr. Dorian: Well, while I am impressed that the Glaive was able to do some damage, I don't think it is enough. The Halberd is incredibly lethal, and if the Mongol can't get the Knight in one shot, the Halberd will make sure he doesn't second. The Mid Range Edge goes to the Halberd.

Edge: Knight

Narrator: For the Final Test, the two warriors dole out punishment with their Special Weapons: The Knight's Morning Star, and the Mongol Ild Sword.

Bob carefully strapped on his protective gear. Even though he was an expert in using the Morning Star, it was still very dangerous. Twirling the spiked-ball, his first shot aimed to take out the head. In a spray of blood, the head was reduced to a sickening mush. Next he aimed at the Leather Lamellar armor. The ball hit the side with a crunch. The doctor examined the wound, and found that the blow was not an instant kill. Some ribs were bruised, and one was cracked, but nothing that would cause an instant death.

Next was Fred, who was sure that this weapon would be a great success. Spinning the blade in his hand, he charged the dummy in Plate armor. He sliced at the head, and the thin blade past between the joints and nicked the neck. Twisting the sword again, he stabbed through the armpit up to the Ild Sword's hilt. The last one went under the Chest Plate, and actually managed to pierce the Chain-mail beneath.

Dr. Dorian: Well that is a surprise. I wasn't sure how the Mongol was going to make a comeback, but this certainly helps. While the Morning Star is without a doubt lethal, it is also very unruly. The weapon itself doesn't have a very good range, and is difficult to wield in complex ways. The Ild Sword can get though the nicks in the Knight's armor, it's longer, and it can change direction more fluidly then the Morning Star. So for the special weapon, the Ild Sword takes it.

Edge: Mongol

Narrator: With all the testing complete, Max Geiger uploads the data gathered from the tests into the battle simulation, developed by Slitherine Studio, to simulate a battle to the death between these two warriors. To make sure that victory isn't snatched by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated 1000 times. Who will win in this battle of warriors? The Mongol who fought with his kinsmen to conquer a great deal of 13th century Asia? Or the Knight, who killed thousands of "heathen scum" with his fellow Knights for their King?

Short Range Edge: Mongol's Iron Flanged Mace

Mid Range Edge: Knight's Halberd

Long Range: Knight's Crossbow

Special Weapon Edge: Mongol's Ild Sword

It's time to find out which warrior is truly the deadliest. Max hits the button on the computer, and suddenly the screen goes "Matrix" on us.

This fight begins in a deep forest. In the forest, a Mongol warrior rode his horse  into a clearing. Hearing a noise on the opposite end of the clearing, the Mongol turned to see a Knight riding out of the brush. The two warriors eyed each other, before the Knight took out his Morning Star, and charged at the Mongol. The Mongol took out his Bow & Arrow and fired at the Knight. But the Arrows only bounced off the Knight's armor, and the Mongol had to move his horse to avoid loosing his head as the Knight charge past swinging his Morning Star. Twisting in his saddle the Mongol fired at the Knight's back, but still had no successes.

The Knight turned and charged again, and made sure to get as close as he could before he swung to kill. The Mongol ducked awkwardly in his saddle, his hat being knocked off his head as the Knight road past. Acting quickly the Mongol grabbed onto the Knight's arm and pulled. With his horse still moving forward the Knight was jerked back and ended up falling off his horse. However, the Mongol had not thought his plan all the way through, as he too was pulled from his horse. The horses moved away from their masters who landed in a heap on the ground.

 The Mongol, who was wearing lighter armor then the Knight was able to get to his feet first. He ran to his horse to get a weapon, having noticed that his Bow had been crushed in the fall. The Knight rose to a sitting position and took his Crossbow from his belt and fired at the Mongol, hitting him in the back of his Leather Lamellar armor. The Mongol wasn't hurt to badly, and he reached his horse. Strapping his Ild sword and Iron Mace to his belt, he turned and faced the Knight with his Glaive. Only to duck as the Knight fired another Crossbow bolt. He charged the Knight and slashed at the Crossbow before the Knight could fire another shot. He knocked it from the Knight's hands, and he followed up with a stab at the Knight's chest. This didn't do much but push the Knight backwards somewhat. Turning around the Knight grabbed the Halberd from his own horse's saddle, before turning to face the Mongol.

The two warrior began to duck and weave in and out of each of others blows, neither doing the other much harm. The Mongol was able to out maneuver the slow Knight, but couldn't seem to hurt him with his Glaive. The Knight's was able to cause damage, but only when he hit. That one time was when the Mongol hadn't ducked low enough, and had received a gash on his shoulder. The Mongol soon found himself in trouble, when he tried to block a wide swing by the Knight's Halberd with his Glaive. The heavy weapon sliced through the Glaive and cut the Mongol across the chest.

The Mongol was forced to roll forward to avoid a second strike, unsheathing his Ild sword in the process. He ended up somewhat behind the Knight, and saw there a glimmer of hope. Taking his sword, he stabbed upward at the Knight's exposed armpit; and sure enough, the blade did slice the Knight. The Knight jerked away, the pain making him drop his Halberd. He held his arm, trying to gauge the damage done while glaring at the Mongol. Finally the Knight took out his Broadsword and the battle began again.

The Sword struck again and again, neither gaining ground over the other. Until finally the two ended up with their swords locked, staring each other down. In the contest of strength the Knight was quickly beginning to overpower the Mongol. Just as the Mongol thought he was going to have to jump out of the way, the Knight's fist lashed out and struck him across the face. Seeing as his enemy was distracted the Knight slashed his sword and knocked the Ild out of the Mongol's hands, before stabbing forward. The Mongol just barely managed to get out of the way, but still got a bloody cut on his side.

With only his Mace left the Mongol prepared for the Knight's next assault. The Broadsword came at him, and he was just able to deflect it with his Mace. Then when the Knight reared back for another attack, the Mongol lashed out with his Mace, striking the Knight in the side. The Knight stepped back, shocked, to have felt the strong blow. The Mongol, realizing what had happened, grinned. The Knight went for an overhand swing, and the Mongol sidestepped it, and struck the Knight in the opposite side with greater force. This time the Knight responded by backhanding the vicious asian, knocking him back. The Mongol frowned, and spat out a tooth, before looking down at his feet. Seeing his Ild Sword, the Mongol took it up, and wielded it along side his Mace.

The Mongol charged the Knight, swinging his Ild sword as he went. The Knight's Broadsword rose to intercept it, but when it locked with the Ild Sword, the Mongol lashed out with his Mace, striking the Knight in the chin. He stumbled back and the Mongol leapt at him. He drove his Ild sword through the space in the leg armor, and stabbed the Knight in his thigh. The Knight grunted in pain as he lashed out again, managing a slight cut on the Mongol's chest.

The Knight swung his sword again, and the Mongol ducked under it. When he did, he brought up his Mace and struck the sword hand in the wrist, shattering it. The Knight cried out as his blade fell from his hands, and the Mongol struck the side of his helmet, causing, the Knight to fall to one knee. Before the Knight could do anything, the Mongol had taken his Ild sword and driven it through the Knight's neck. The Knight choked out something, though his words were lost, and fell backwards, dead. Seeing his enemy defeated, the Mongol reared his head back and screamed to the Heavens in Victory!

Winner: Mongol !

Mongol: 551

Ild Sword: 186

Iron Flanged Mace: 180

Glaive: 135

Composite Recurve Bow: 50

Knight: 449

Halberd: 147

Crossbow: 135

Broadsword: 122

Morning Star: 45

Narrator: In this fierce battle between two fierce soldiers, it was the Mongol who proved his mettle, with his Mace and Ild Sword scoring the highest in the simulation. The Knight didn't fare too poorly however, with his Halberd and Crossbow performing the best from his arsenal.

Dr. Dorian: The Knight just can't seem to catch a break. I was sure that his armor would keep him alive. I guess that the Mongol proved me wrong. While the Mongol may have failed in the Long Range department, it is clear that his other skills are just as lethal.

We see the Mongol back on his horse riding towards camp. Bound to his horse, is the horse of the fallen Knight, no fated to serve a new master. The Mongol has also taken the Knight's Crossbow, to replace the Bow he lost.

The End.