May 31, 2009

Where do they get all these weapons for this show. i have been searching for weapons that are not available for cheaper than $500. And i would just love it if it could be cheaper. And how are yall able to waste armor. well not waste but destroy for testing. i mean that stuff costs thousands of dollars. i am only 14  but at 14 where am i gonna get $500 for armor or swords. please help.  P.S. this show has inspired me more than i already loved ancient history. thank you very much keemp Deadliest Warrior going i have so many ideas. and if anyone out there knows of websites with armor and swords for kinda cheap like under $200 please tell me. Thanks


Persian vs Mongol

Aztec vs Ottomans

Egyptians vs Polish

Byzantines vs Irsish

and many mor for a second season