Mantenna - Friday, November 7

November 7, 2008

Learn how to increase your chances of not getting caught if you're cheating on your woman, exciting news about a new Ghostbusters video game, and another Watchmen leak that's sure to get fanboys excited...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

How to Cheat and Get Away With It

Men are biologically created to hook up with as many women as possible.  So dudes are bound to cheat on a girl. Sadly, it’s just part of our nature. If you are going to cheat (and you really should try not to), then you might as well try and get away with it. Coed Magazine has created a how-to guide on getting away with cheating. Some of the steps involve having a valid 24/7 alibi, buying a gym membership so you have an excuse for being sweaty or freshly showered and staying away from Facebook. If all else fails then simply deny, deny, deny. [COED Magazine]

Justice is Hot

Lady Justice now has some extra support and no longer needs to appear bare-breasted. A Japanese lingerie company has created the “Jury System Bra" in the shape of scales inspired Lady Justice herself. The bra was created to celebrate Japan’s movement towards citizen involvement in the judicial system. From May next year, regular Japanese citizens will be able to participate in criminal proceedings and act as judges in deciding the outcome of trials. No word on whether citizens have to wear this bra when participating. [Flookers]

Large Hadron Collider Breaks

This week a tiny electrical connection overheated in the 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider and caused a minor meltdown.  This breach in the system caused the LHC to lose the critically low temperature required for its operation.  It’s, like, really, really cold.  It was so cold in fact, that it will take a month to warm it up before repairs can occur. Adorably, a spokesman for the project referred to the malfunction as “a teething problem.” [TIME]

Ghostbusters Video Game Coming in 2009


Atari is going to release a new Ghostbusters video game, but not until 2009, GameTrailers reports. "Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a fantastic addition to Atari's global line-up in 2009," said company president Phil Harrison in a prepared statement today. "The title has built considerable anticipation and excitement among game fans." That’ll be pretty spooktacular.  Ray Parker Jr. said it best: “Bustin’ makes me feel good." [GameTrailers]

Oldboy Getting Remade

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are going to team up to remake Oldboy (for those of you who haven’t seen this awesome film, it’s like a Korean version of The Punisher –  except it’s really, really cool). The violent, vengeful nature of the original isn’t exactly the kind of material either Spielberg or Smith are known for, though Smith’s recent zombie-slaying turn in Legend means he’s a bit less out of practice than Spielberg. The director is still in search of a writer to put together a script for the project. []

New Watchmen Poster Hits the Web

A new poster for Watchmen made its debut on the web today featuring Rorschach looking watchfully upon his city. Yet another piece of publicity buzz to get fanboys even more revved up than they already are. March will be a very good month for comic nerds the world round, present company included. [Yahoo! Movies]

Britney Spears Performs with Madonna In LA

In separate appearances, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake performed Thursday night during Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour stop at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Madonna sang “She’s Not Your Bitch” while Britney attempted to join in with the aging pop star. Madonna also threw out some deep political banter: "I am the luckiest girl in the world," Madonna said, "but am sad because African-Americans are equal finally, but gay marriage is not." [BBC News]

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