Surely, Flying Robots Assembling Themselves is a Sign of Impending Doom

June 8, 2010

Researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have created drone robots that one could certainly interpret a harbinger of the inevitable robot apocalypse: these bots have the ability to assemble themselves together and fly around with no human input needed.

Using magnets on each bot to dock with one another, these robots could be indestructible in theory. If the larger combination of the robots broke apart under attack, the smaller working pieces could simply dock back together on the ground and keep going.

Communicating with one another via infrared, the robots navigate as one by relaying information to one another about orientation while in flight or on the ground.

Lead researcher Raymond Oung says he'd like to see these robots used in a peaceful capacity for "teaching control systems" but we're willing to bet that there will be plenty of folks at DARPA who'll be foaming at the mouth once they get a look at these babies.

While the connected swarm is limited to only four bots now, Oung says they hope to demonstrate a cluster of 12 bots by the end of the summer. Skynet here we come!


Source: Aviation Week