Ridley Scott's Alien Prequel to Be in 3D

March 5, 2010

This might not be the big surprise of the decade, but it's been confirmed by the art director from Alien, Roger Christian, that the new Alien prequel to be directed by Ridley Scott is, in fact, going to be in 3D. If you thought those skull-crushing aliens were terrifying before, imagine them with one extra dimension.

The news broke over at Shadowlocked, where they were able to get a long interview with Christian. The art director turned movie director also intimated that a new trilogy to be helmed by Scott was within the realm of possibility.

Christian stated, "He has a very clear understanding of where this should go. They kind of stopped dead one of the greatest horror franchises there's ever been, and it had legs to go on. So I'm hoping he'll revive another three."

However, this sounds like speculation at this point. Scott himself hasn't said anything about making two more Alien movies, and he's already got a very full plate:

I actually met Ridley here at the film festival. We had a chat to catch up, and he was going on about how much I'd 'got it' on the first one. I guess that's because of Star Wars, where I had a trained crew with me...and we learnt how to do it. It's not a technique that's easy to do - it's something I'd learnt. So [Scott] kept saying how I was the one responsible, really.

Well, it's good to see that Christian has a healthy sense of humility. Perhaps he'll start taking credit for Blade Runner and Gladiator, too.

One way or another, it's looking like this prequel is shaping up to be a very exciting film. If any movie had the possibility of reviving this ravaged franchise, it's this one. Let's just hope it goes well enough to inspire Scott to stay on and direct two more. Two more that don't involve any Predators, that is.

Source: 20th Century Fox