Top 7 Deadliest Warrior Costumes To Rock This Halloween

September 28, 2012
Before you step into your favorite costume store looking for the same old tired vampire, mummy, or fireman outfit (ooh la la), think for a second: you've got a chance this Halloween to look like a Deadliest Warrior and impress the ladies. Why spend loads of money in a store when you can improvise at home, or grab some random stuff from thrift stores and toss a mean outfit together? There are tons of warriors to choose from, but here are the top ones that will definitely get some jaw-dropping stares:

7. Zombie

Sure, you've seen this costume around, but that doesn't mean that it's not uber badass. Just think about how cool you'll look on the dance floor busting out "The Zombie" in front of everyone. Add to that the fact that you were part of the first UnDeadliest Warrior matchup in history and you've got yourself a solid costume. Stay away from that whole brain-devouring thing though.

Vampires vs. Zombies

6. Crazy Horse

This one's not too difficult to get together: just take a generic Native American outfit for Halloween and make sure those people around you know that you are indeed the Chief of the Oglala Lakota. What if she doesn't know what the Oglala Lakota is you ask? Then you my friend have just landed yourself an icebreaker with a cutie at a Halloween party. Booya!

Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa

5. Gurkha

Maybe you're not a real Gurkha with astonishing courage and outstanding military experience, but at least you get to rock a cool hat and a few plastic military stars. These guys are not just Nepalese warriors; they're what legends are made of. Hold on a second here…so this means you'll be in a military costume and be a foreigner? Talk about being a chick magnet.

Gurkhas vs. French Foreign Legion

4. Genghis Khan

It has been speculated that this conqueror was indeed a Casanova during the standards of his time, because apparently 0.5 percent of the male population today are living descendants of Mr. Khan. Might as well show some pride then, right? A plastic sword, brown faux leather armor, and a helmet that just screams "move it, chump" together make the perfect costume that'll put others to shame this Halloween.

Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal

3. Lawrence Of Arabia

Most people have either seen or heard of the great tale known as Lawrence of Arabia, so to dress up as Lawrence himself just raises the bar for everyone else . This guy was a legendary war hero, an author, and basically an epic figure in British history. On top of that, this is a simple costume to make: just take that white tablecloth you used these past years to dress up as a ghost, make a few tweaks here and there, and you'll be set.

Teddy Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia

2. Napoleon Bonaparte

No, you do not have to be unbelievably short to be able to look like Napoleon (his small stature is actually a myth), just have an ego the size of all of Europe. When you think of this famous Emperor of France you're probably thinking of that awesome hat he wore, so you'll need one of those, and the urge to always stuff your right hand in your coat. Spit out a few lines in French and you'll be beating girls off with a stick come Halloween night.

George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

1. U.S. Army Ranger

If you've learned anything from movies, television, and romantic novels (come on, admit you've read one), you know that women go gaga over men in uniform. Who else better to be this Halloween than an elite member of the U.S. Army? The only thing that could make you look even tougher when you're mixing and mingling come October 30 is some manly-looking war paint. Don't wimp out and go for just two black smudges under your eyes, I'm talking about full-blown green camo here. No pain, no gain.

U.S. Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operations Forces