Roy Nelson's Ultimate Fighter Blog: On To The Quarterfinals

November 5, 2009

This week we begin with Rampage being down 0-7 on the scoreboard and dumping his emotions out on the poor old cardboard door. I have to give it to Scott Junk though, who fought his heart out against Matt and would have probably pulled it out if it were a three-round fight. In this type of tournament fight format you have to be smart with your game plan. Rampage's coaching was the downfall of Scott and his team.
Rampage has a change of heart and coaching styles since Scott's loss. He is now trying and focusing on making Marcus the best fighter possible. Which makes you wonder if he would have done this earlier, what would the record be? Probably still 0-7.
On our team we have Mike Wessel whose head isn't where it should be. Fighting is about 70%-80% mental. Mike's head was on his wife and her sickness. This is the only fight our team was unsure of since Mike wasn't mentally there for this fight because he was worried about his wife. That is why I believe our team tried to mess with Marcus and draw pictures to try to even the field out. Marcus can be very sensitive so I believe this is why they messed with him.
Fight day you can see Mike wasn't all there. Marcus on the other hand was going to take this opportunity to its fullest. In round 1 we have Mike landing some shots but Marcus smothers most them, so they have no sting. They move around and Mike, for some reason, goes for takedown, which was never the gameplan. This is why it is so important to have your head in the right frame of mind for a fight. As soon as he went for the takedown Marcus reversed him and was on top. Mike tried to scramble to be on top, but then made the mistake of leaving his elbow in the guard and Marcus capitalizes on it with an arm bar.
Next we have quarterfinal picks and the meeting with Dana and the coaches. This was fun for me because I had a simple answer, "Whoever you want to give me." Dana said I was being cocky, but the way I looked at it they were going to give me whoever they wanted to see me fight anyway. So I tried to use a little reverse psychology and pick the only two people I didn't want to fight, they were Justin and Darrill. These guys became my good friends and training partners in the house. They were the last people I wanted to fight because you never want to ruin your friend’s dream. Just like Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans. They won't fight each other because they are friends and it's just bad business.
The fight selections backfired on me and Dana gave me Justin Wren, but I just figured it is what it is. Marcus got Darrill and James got everyone's favorite Matt, and last but not least Jon got Brenden. After fight selections were over Rashad offered Team Rampage a chance to get some real training in. You could see on their faces that they wanted to but no one wanted to be that guy. Then you have Kimbo who says, "He is a team player." This is when I paused the episode and rewound it to make sure that I heard it right. I thought it was funny since he was all happy when Zak got cut and wanted to fight again.
Next week we have Matt still crying about the voices in his head and that his head hurts, and I'm going to fight Justin, so until then keep watching and cheering for your favorite fighter Roy "Big Country" Nelson.
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