Sherk vs. Griffin

October 26, 2008

Joe Rogan maintains the Evan Tanner tribute beard. Looks cool. Nice ass, Arianny.


As expected, Sherk comes out looking like a rabid animal fighting for a piece of meat.
Nice ass, Arianny. As expected, Sherk comes out looking like a rabid animal fighting for a piece of meat. Sherk, standing, takes the back of Griffin, but Griffin doesn't look too concerned, eventually shakes off Sherk. Sherk takes down Griffin. Griffin fights his way back to the feet, but Sherk is showing his impressive wrestling skills by keeping him pressed to the cage and maintaining control. Tyson frees himself and lands a solid shot to the chin of Sherk, but "The Muscle Shark" eats it like a cherry pie. Tyson lands a sick shot to the head. Griffin shoots in, but Sherk continues to dominate the wrestling game and defends. Sherk takes the back of Griffin again and attempts to sink in the rear naked choke, but Sherk defends again. For the remaining minute, both fighters trade and land some heavy shots to the face and body, with giving the slight edge to Sherk.

Round 2:

Griffin seems to be suffering from some fatigue and Sherk continues to push. After some initial shots, Sherk abandons the wrestling game and looks to his bread and butter as the two stand and trade, both fighters eating some blows. At about the two minute mark, Griffin starts to turn it on and lays down some serious combos as he starts to throw out some Muhammad Ali shoulders. He seemed to do some damage to Sherk, but he may have blew his load on that exchange. Sherk recovers and shoots in for another takedown, but Griffin defends. Sherk lands a few monstrous combs seeming to hurt Griffin, but Griffin stays standing and avoids further damage with some fancy footwork. Round two has been a beautiful display on the feet.


Sherk's corner instructs him to "let it go" in the third round, but it's Tyson who comes out looking for the homerun. Sherk keeps him off. Tyson again needs to rest. Both fighters appear to be running out of steam. Tentative, Sherk lands a nice left square on the chin, sure to score points in a relatively uneventful round. Another left from Sherk. And another. Sherk may be edging out Griffin on the scorecards. The exchanges increase, but both fighters remain tentative and are hitting air on most combos. As the last ticks burn off the clock, it's Griffin who's the aggressor, but fails to injure Sherk.
"The Muscle Shark" pulls a unanimous decision.