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We All Fall Down

by MariShapiro   October 21, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 138

The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, fill us in on the injuries they endured at Bound for Glory and why it's good to feel Fall.

Chris Sabin

Bound for Glory story!

It all started when I landed Wednesday night in Orlando and walked off the plane noticing a slight pain right at the front of my ribcage that felt like it went through me right to the back of my spine. Very strange, and never felt anything like it. But as most wrestlers will tell you, the uncomfortable hours sitting and usually trying to sleep awkwardly on a plane will wear on your body more than a match will sometimes. It spread to a painful headache that lasted for about two-and-a-half days right through the live Impact that aired that Thursday. Other than doing what I needed to, my time was spent laying down trying to concentrate on making my headache going away, trying to heal myself with my mind.

After nothing seemed to work, I just went to see a doctor. Couldn't stand the headache anymore and they told me nothing and gave me muscle relaxers after a bunch of tests that were probably completely unnecessary. I knew there was a reason why I avoid seeing doctors. But alas, after a two-and-a-half day headache, the pain faded along with the pain in my back. Great timing, because Bound for Glory was right around the corner.

The match at Bound for Glory against Generation Me was an absolute blast. First on the card, fresh crowd, and wrestling against two opponents that Alex and I have as much chemistry with as Beer Money. Although these punk b@$#%es have been trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of The Motor City Machine Guns, that night they brought the best they had, as did we, and together we created something that you can not, and will not see anywhere else. When the dust settled, the MCMG stood tall with the TNA tag team belts in tow, and it doesn't look like the belts will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Alex Shelley


Fall is my favorite season. When I was a kid, Halloween and football were the only things to look forward to when I started school. Then, once those came, Thanksgiving and Christmas were really close too.

Now, I just like the weather. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in ages. However, I absolutely adore haunted houses. I like going to the ones that claim to be the world's biggest. I doubt that they are, so I'd like to think of my trip through them as a convincing conversation.

Once, we were in Atlanta for a TNA show some years ago. A group of us decided to go to, sure enough, the world's biggest haunted house. The iPhone had just come out. We found out after that one of our group had accidentally dropped his precious new gadget into the murky depths of a port-a-potties. He was nice enough to tell us the next day as not to ruin the spooky trip for us.

Gross, huh?


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