Globetrotting BroMans

by Robbie E   January 08, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,056

Hey, what's up BroMan wanna bes. It's Robbie E back with another BroMan Blog, bro. This week I wanted to talk about the upcoming UK tour for IMPACT WRESTLING, and express how I feel about each city we are hitting. Get ready for this, boom!

Dublin - In Ireland the Bro Mans are always mobbed by the chicks. Granted we are mobbed by the chicks everywhere we go, but especially here. It's insane, there are so many girls after me and Jessie that these chicks are Dublin' up on us. That just happened.

Glasgow - Everyone in Glasgow is overly white. Some of them are almost clear, bro. But that's fine, 'cause Jessie and I always rub our spray tan off on them. When we leave town they got that healthy glow, bro. And something about Scottish accents turn me on. 

Manchester - I love being in Manchester as the fans are all great and definitely down with the Bro Mans, even this one weird dude who just dances in the corner with maracas, bro. Plus there are sick clubs that DJ Zema will be spinning at for afterparties... beh beh beh behhhhh

London - Wembley Arena is special. This year going in as the tag champs is going to be huge. I plan to hear all the horns going off on our entrance and it will be a party there the whole day!

Birmingham - Ending the tour here will be dope! A great city for after parties and the girls are freaks there, bro. We cannot wait to tear it up! In the ring, bro.

Until next week...OH... see ya in the UK, bro!


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