Alexander the great Vs. Templar Knight

December 28, 2010

The two warriors who will fight each other now, are almost the same. Both have a good offence and a better defence and neither is willing to back down. Who will win this match of giants.

Alexander the Great Vs. Templar Knight

Alexander the Great                                                                                                  Alexander was one of the best generals that had ever lived. Not only a great general but also a true warrior, he always fought at the frontlines and was hit by every weapon available in his time. Will he have the better weapons then the Templar Knight? After winning from Sun Tsu, Alexander took 10 days of peace for the fallen general. When those ten days were over, he quickly took over China, with no general to oppose him. After he had taken over China, Alexander noticed that the Romans had taken over Persia and were now invading Japan. Wanting to have more then the Romans, Alexander now headed for europe. He normally just traded with europeans and had good contact with most kings, he knew their weakness and use it. He would destroy the kings of Holland, England, Germany and France, that way nothing stood in his way.

Alexander attacks with the kopis, dory, cretan bow and rhomphaia and he has a bronze curass, shoulderguards, helmet, greaves and a shield.


Templar Knight                                                                                                       Fighting for god, the Templar Knights were a dangerous force to deal with in the 13e century. Figthing within and outside of Europe, these guys were only stopped when the french king accused them of crimes against faith. The Templar Knights could start wars and stop them, with every king afraid for their strenght and power. Will the time and armour advantage be enough to give the Templar Knight the win? As Ardo had killed his Viking opponent, he had rode home, towards his masters. There he heard that the English king had been attacked and killed by some strange warrior with a big shield. From Sparta. Ardo was asked to hunt this man down and bring him to justice. gathering info Ardo found out that this Spartan warrior was sold to Edward by Alexander he Great. Riding on his horse to search for the murderer, he also wanted to check in with this Alexander.

The Templar knight comes in with the Bastardsword, pollaxe, crossbow and flail. The armour is a gameson with over that riveted chainmail. He also wears a padded coif, chainmail coif and a greathelm, wooden shoulderplates and as finisher a heater shield. 


The Edges

Kopis Vs. Bastardsword                                                                                  Both are good swords, able to slash, thrust and used in combination wit a shield. My egde goes to the bastardsword because it can be used with two hands, is longer and can thrust siglhtly better.                                                                                Edge: Templar Knight

Dory Vs. Pollaxe                                                                                                  The dory is a good, light and agile spear but the pollaxe is longer, has a spear, hammer and axe it can use to its advantage.                                                         Edge: Templar Knight

Cretan Bow Vs. Crossbow                                                                                      The Cretan bow is fast and and you can aim better while the crossbow has a bigger punch and will break trough the bronze armour of Alexander. In my mind, if you can aim better and shoot faster, its better then only a big punch.                                   Edge: Alexander the Great

Rhomphaia Vs. Flail                                                                                             Both do good what they supposed to do, destroy armour. The flail can break bones trough armour but is dangerous to the user too. The rhomphaia can be used in combination with shield and is not dangerous for the user, thus getting the egde.       Edge: Alexander the Great

Armour                                                                                                              Alexander is covered in bronze and the knight is covered in chainmail and steel. Due to the padding the knight has and the fact that the knight has covered more areas of his body gets the edge.                                                                                       Edge: Templar Knight

Ready, set aaaaand GO!

'Sir' The soldier came in the front of the tent. 'Yes' Alexander replied, looking at some maps. 'Sir, there is a guy with a red cross in the camp, he is looking for you' Alexander thought for a second and rememberd the warriors fighting for their god. 'Send him to the big meeting tent' Alexander said. 'Ow and leave him alone there, i want to see how strong he is' he added. Grabbing his weapons for this encounter. Alexander walked towards the main tent, big enough to hold half his army, now deserted except for the Knight. Alexander entered with his bow in one hand and an arrow in the other.

As Ardo was let into the the camp, he saw a lot of soldiers, looking at him and his weapons. it seemed these guys were preparing for war. With who, Ardo wondered. But he was here for the slave that was sold to the English king. That Spartan guy. The knight was let into a large tent, which looked like it was used as dinner tent for soldiers, with several large tables in it. The soldier left him and he was all alone now. Relaxing, he took his crossbow and pollaxe and put them on a table. They might come in handy, he figured. As he had done that, an arrow hit his greathelm. Turning around, he looked in the eyes of a man glad in bronze. Figuring it was Alexander the Great, he took his crossbow and and bolted it. Getting hit in the back and arm while doing this, the arrows did not penetrate enough to hurt and he shot back.

Alexander had fired a few arrows without succes and now had to dodge an arrow from the bow of his opponent. Realising that this weapon was far more dangerous then the crossbow of Sun Tsu, Alexander dropped is bow and took out his shield and dory. Knowing that he could not reload his crossbow in time, Ardo took his sword and shield and blocked an attack from the spear. Both thrusting and cutting at each other. The Dory hit the chainmail and managed to damage two rings. The templar pushed the dory away with his sword and hit the Macedonian warrior with the shield. Alexander was just able to hold his own shield up in defense and the both shield clashed at each other. The Templar Knight used his momentum to push Alexander against the table and planted the pommel in the face of Alexander. He released his dory as the hand of Alexander felt his face. His nose was broken and bled. The general deflected another attack and drew his kopis. Using his shield to create space, Alexander stabbed the knight in the chest, with again some chainmail breaking. Both warriors were now using their swords and shields in full combat, with Ardo having the lead. Slashing Alexander the Great over the swordarm, he dropped it in pain as a big wound appeared. The Knight knew he had to be quick with the response, he thrusted his sword which got deflected off the curass. Hitting the knight in the chest with his shield, Alexander forced him backwards and when another slash came, he blocked with the shield and put his other hand on the elbow of the knight, controlling the arm and forcing the knight to bend over the table. The sword fell out of the hand of the Templar and he used the lower end of his shield to hit the Macedonian general. Altough the hit was not hard, it was just enough for the Knight to pull away his arm and release himself. The next second, his fist flew in the face of Alexander, whose lip got ripped by the punch. Alexander was now holding his rhompaia and shield as Ardo dropped his own shield and reached for his pollaxe on the other table. Ardo was just in time to block a slash of the rhomphaia with his own weapon, which left a big dent. Striking back, the hammer of the pollaxe hit the shield and Ardo managed to dig the spear end of the weapon in the leg of the general. The genral tried not to think of the pain and managed to hit the knight on the greathelm, leaving a big dent on the side. Alexander then slashed at the weapon of his opponent and pushed it to the side as he buckled the shield on the hands of the knight who was forced to let go. Now moving backwards, the knight tried to avoid the blade and retrieved his last weapon from his side. Swinging his flail, he smashed the sword to the side and stepped sideways. Getting the oppertunity, Ardo smashed at the helm of Alexander and swung his weapon again. Alexander brought up his sword, trying to focus only on his opponent. Now thrusting his sword, Alexander hit a weak spot in the chainarmour of the Templar Knight and managed to get trough the chainmail and gambeson. Feeling the blood drip out of the wound as Alexander retrieved his sword, The Knight smashed his flail again, hitting the face of the great Commander, who fell on the table and rolled off it again, dead. Only leaving a bloodtrail. 

Ardo walked to the body and saw only a mess on the place the face should be. He gathered around his weapons quicly and tried to sneak out of the camp, those soldiers would kill him if they found the body before he got to escape. Ardo needed to capture a Spartan warrior.

Winner: Templar Knight

The Grades


Templar Knight: 42.5

Bastardsword: 8.5

Pollaxe: 8.5

Crossbow: 8

Flail: 8

Armour: 9.5


Alexander the great: 41.5

Kopis: 8

Dory: 7.5

Cretan Bow: 8.5

Rhomphaia: 9

Armour: 8.5


The reason why the Knight won in my opinion, was that he had the better armour and his weapons were all destructive and meant to take out heavily armoured opponents. Some weapons of Alexander were just not good enough for that task and altough his other weapons made up for it, it was not enough.