Deadliest Warrior Blog 1

June 16, 2009


The top 3 comments on this site seem to be:

1. "Genghis Khan vs. Alexander the Great!!! Biker Gangs vs. Marines!!!"

2. "Your simulation is flawed and your experts are amateurs and your weapon tests are unfair and stupid."

3. "Is there going to be a season 2? When is season 2?"

To the first, well, everyone keeps suggesting the same matchups. And they're actually good, but everyone is just paraphrasing the first comment that ever said it. They don't exactly draw all their inspiration from viewers... if they have more seasons in the works, then they've likely already chosen from a pot of warriors and matchups, as Barry Jacobsen said in one episode of the Aftermath.

To the second, you guys need to chill. This is show is the closest that TV has come to recreating hypothetical battles with hard science, so why get all worked up and demand impossible perfection? In any case, there is a whole week and a half of testing done for every episode, including weapons that we never even saw, so we can't just pass judgement on the 25 minutes of testing we saw. Also, the simulation is only as good as it can ever be; it's a program, after all, not a magical TV that lets us watch fantasy battles. It determines likelihood, not fact. Also, the experts that are brought in are awesome. Trust me, I've looked in to some of them on other sites, and these people are badass.

To the third, I can only say what everyone else has: probably. Spike would never let this show die, not with the millions of viewers it has after only 9 episodes. It's too much money for them to just drop and leave in the dust. The only question is when, and most likely during fall/winter, but that's only a guess. Every episode takes about 2 or 3 weeks to film, so who knows? Add the Aftermath and blogging onto that as well...

All I'm focused on now is eagerly awaiting the coming two Aftermath episodes. I now know that the Aftermath for Apache vs. Gladiator will be up either tomorrow night or Saturday morning. In keeping with the show's inconsistency within it's consistency, the Aftermath for Viking vs. Samurai will be up perhaps the week after. This information comes from several sources, all of which are credible.

I also just want to say that there were indeed versions of the recreated fight that were filmed with the opposite outcome, since the filming was done before the actual testing and simulation results. I learned this from another credible source. Every episode has two versions of the final fight, meaning a victory by the determined loser. These fights may hopefully be released as extras on DVD.