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3 Reasons To Tune In To Auction Hunters Live And American Digger On March 21

by AaronAhmadi   March 19, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 112,700

March 21 is going to be a very special night for SPIKE, and that's just the plain ol' truth. First off, we have the Auction Hunters special live event airing at 9/8c, hosted by Mike Catherwood. As if that weren't big enough, we also have SPIKE's newest original series, American Digger, airing right after at 10/9c. So why exactly should you tune in to SPIKE on March 21 at 9/8c? Let's break it down, nice and easy:

1. It's Live

Yes, for the first time in Auction Hunters' history, Ton and Allen will be doing the actual episode LIVE – that means anything can happen. We're talking scoring big, digging up mystery boxes, losing auctions, winning auctions, confrontations with the locals, finding dangerous stuff, and flying monkeys. Okay, maybe not flying monkeys, but the rest can certainly happen. Also, whatever profits Ton and Allen make will be matched by SPIKE TV and donated to the Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans of America Foundation (IAVA). To top it all off, the boys only have one hour at a high-end invitation-only storage auction to quickly buy, dig through, and sell what glorious items they find inside the storage vaults. If that doesn't make your Wednesday night then I don't know what does.

2. Win An Auction Hunters Item

Finally, the fans get a piece of the action! While Ton and Allen are digging through their newly-purchased storage units trying to find a profit, host Mike Catherwood will prompt the fans watching at home to tweet in to enter for the awesome Auction Hunters item that's being given away. Twice throughout the show, fans can enter to win by tweeting using the hashtag #AuctionHunters and naming the item they want to win - and don't forget you must be following @Spike_TV in order to qualify. Two winners will be then randomly selected and notified via direct message and will have 3 minutes to reply with their name, age and email address. If they do so within the timeframe, they'll be notified that they've won via Twitter. What's even more awesome is that Mike will call out the winners' Twitter handles as our giveaway winners towards the end of the show.

3. American Digger

SPIKE's newest original series is going to be digtastic. American Digger will follow artifact recovery company American Savage as it goes from backyard to backyard and from city to city in the U.S. looking for history's most valuable relics buried deep within the earth. American Savage is made up of former pro wrestler Ric "Heavy Metal" Savage, his wife Rita (the brains and beauty behind the operation), their son 'G' (the muscle), Bob Buttafuso (the veteran), and Rue Shumate (the fearless digger). The crew will have to convince homeowners that there are valuable relics buried in their backyard, dig up everything from gold coins to a megalodon teeth, and then split the profits with the homeowner. It's history in the palm of your hands.