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Monster Abyss Exclusive Blog

by spike.com   March 17, 2009 at 9:23PM  |  Views: 220

TNA's Monster Abyss has officially joined the Spike.com blogging team with the MONSTER BLOG. Check out his first installment where you'll get insight from behind-the-scenes at Destination X, updates on his "girlfriend," and the latest therapy sessions with Dr. Stevie. You can catch the Abyss in action every week on TNA iMPACT, Thursdays at 9pm on Spike TV.

I bring this first installment of the MONSTER BLOG exclusively on Spike.com to you just a few days removed from TNA's Destination X Pay Per View. Oh wow, what an unbelievable evening of TNA action, although it didn't go too well for me.  I enjoyed seeing my girlfriend Lauren and her soft, cuddly look and child-like smile.  I even had a great talk with my therapist, Dr. Stevie.  Dr. Stevie is not too happy with me right now....you see, he warned me and has rehabilitated me to not resort to the use of weapons or inflicting pain and suffering on myself or others.  I just couldn't help it... Matt pushed and pushed me to the point that I snapped and became somebody that is not too pleasant to be around.  He insulted and inappropriately put his hands on my best girl Lauren.  This is unacceptable to yours truly. You see, Matt Morgan used my aggression as a weakness and he ran from me. I should never have followed him up that ramp Sunday night at Destination X.  He was retreating and I just couldn't let it go... something inside me said, "Go and get your retribution and fill this guy with more holes than Alex Rodriquez's story."  That's what I did, but one moment of indecisiveness cost me. I'm going to have to talk to Dr. Stevie about this.  I'm sure we will have plenty of time to discuss this at my next therapy session.  It should be a doozy. 

Speaking of doozies, did you check out the last episode of Married With Children on Spike TV??  I like that Al guy and the little boy Bud reminds me of my reckless childhood years.  Kelly is sooooo cute, but she is no match for my true girlfriend Lauren and besides that Kelly is a little on the "not so smart" side.  Thank God that I have a smart and great looking girlfriend.  I'm not sure what she sees in me, but I think she really likes me. She said maybe one day I can kiss her on the cheek. We will see. I'll keep you updated, folks.
What's The Monster Abyss up to? Well let me tell you... I'm preparing for TNA's annual Lockdown Pay Per View coming up in April live from the great city of Philadelphia, PA.  It's retribution time, Matt.  At Lockdown I'm going to do my best to destroy Matt Morgan once and for all. You see, this time, there's a 15-foot high steel cage surrounding the six sided ring.  The marketing people at TNA appropriately have given Lockdown a nickname... the six sides of steel.  I think that's a cool name... and it's a constant reminder to me (and I know it is for Matt Morgan too) that at Lockdown, there is NO where for Matt to run, hide, eat, sleep, write a letter, call his agent, grab a shower, or do anything else but face me in what promises to be the most brutal fight in either of our histories.  I'm going to get you Matt, I'm going to get you. I'm so excited, I can't wait.  Hey, I think I'll just put in the Midway TNA video game and start practicing now.


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