Sonic Unleashed, Leashed, Unleashed Again

April 4, 2008


Only days after a video of the game leaked to the Internet, Sega has officially revealed that Sonic Unleashed is in fact a real game under development for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS2. The blue blur is returning to classic 2D gameplay in 3D environments that allow for more depth and dramatic camera movements. Sonic Team's dubbed it the "Hedgehog Engine" for obvious and somewhat silly reasons, and have stated that the game has been quietly in development for three years now.

So far the gameplay looks good, but the sections shown in the video are pretty straightforward with only a few enemies in place, and everyone knows those grind rails stop being fun as soon as some stray creature gets in the way. The environments appear to be based more on real-world locales, and the plot revolves around Dr. Eggman breaking apart the seven continents. Sounds a little weird, but as long as there are no human/hedgehog romances, it's fine by me. There's still much to learn, but going back to pure 2D gameplay should hopefully be a turn for the better.


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