Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Shower

October 14, 2009

Where do I start this week? Oh ya, we are now 5-0 and Rampage has shown what a great coach he is. Let’s start with the buildup before we manhandle Rampage's Team with another win.

We have Matt Mitrione, who just injured his shoulder in practice. He begins to ham it up in the house and in practice. I personally feel he was doing it just to tease poor Kimbo to see if he wanted to fight. Either that or he was just back to playing his mind games again.
I love watching Marcus Jones and his demeanor because you don't know if the soft, sensitive guy’s coming out or the guy who is his going to rip your head off. We have Rashad who jokes around with Marcus, planting the seed that he is going to fight next. I found this funny because Rashad and the team wanted to mess with Marcus' head since he hadn't fought yet.
Next scene we see the first house entertainment with Zak Jensen. He now is the butt of everyone’s joke, you know, after he “relieved himself” in the shower and almost killed Wes Sims. In Rampage’s practice session they showed how well rounded Zak is with his skills. Remember the week before, when they had Zak go with Kimbo? Zak showed how he is a dangerous and under-estimated fighter. We have Wes Sims, who is everyone’s favorite because he tells some tall tales (almost as tall as him). Wes's jiu-jitsu has to be pretty good if he took out Zak in practice. Zak was out cold making those weird pass-out grunting noises.
Next we have fight selections. Rashad picked another great match-up with Wes Sims vs. Justin Wren. Team Rashad knew we were going to rattle off another win even though Wes is a veteran of the Octagon. First round went as planned. Justin bull rushed and used his Olympic training center wrestling to take him down and used his Travis Lutter’s jiu-jitsu to lock in an arm triangle. Wes gets choked out cold, just like Zak. I guess karma.
At the end of the episode we have Kimbo licking his chops, when he saw that someone got hurt in practice. Zak brings more entertainment for the house when the betting pool begins to see when he finally breaks down.
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