Elisha Cuthbert Goes Bikini Mad

by ncoles   May 08, 2008 at 7:40PM  |  Views: 4,175


Elisha Cuthbert has spent the week frolicking on the beach in Hawaii with her Hockey player boyfriend Dion Phaneuf and everyday this week she’d worn a different bikini. It’s like she decided to only pack bikinis or she robbed a bikini store. I did some research on Elisha’s bikini wearing habits and I’ve never seen her pictured in the same bikini twice. Heaven knows what she does with them all. I think this girl has a serious bikini addiction. I like this about her, as I like variety. Lot’s of different bikinis means lots of different bikini photos. In light of this, I want to know what bikini you like the most in our Elisha's Cuthbert Bikini Poll.

Let’s look at the options:



Elisha began her vacation wearing blue, keeping it simple and looking sexy.



Elisha classes it up on day two of her Hawaii getaway. The swimsuit has lace and that spells class. The swimsuit is decidedly more conservative, which is lucky for her as the surf was a little rougher and she almost joined the nipple slip club.



Day three of Elisha’s bikini tour sees her in a star-spangled bikini which is held together by metal stars. This swimsuit is awesome.

Wonder what photos there will be tomorrow. Now vote!



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