This Week on The Ultimate Fighter: Grudge Matches Galore!

June 3, 2008

Two more fights explode in the octagon on this week's Ultimate Fighter. CB Dalloway, first pick of the series and all around bad ass, is anxious to take on Cale Yarbrough and get a measure of payback for Cale's attitude in the house.

Cale Yarbrough vs. CB Dalloway


Meanwhile, howling mad Tim Credeur can't wait to get his hands on house pretty boy Dan Cramer. Cramer's proven himself an accomplished fighter with a chin of stone, but can he stand against Tim Credeur's age and experience? Is anyone else picturing the Norton/Leto fight from Fight Club?

Dan Cramer vs. Tim Credeur


As if there wasn't enough destruction going on inside the Octagon this week, the fighters go on a rampage inside the house doing thousands of dollars in damage. Check out a leak of the devastation here.[video]2986379[/video] Nothing and nobody is safe as the last two quarterfinal matches decide which four men will go on to fight for the title of The Ultimate Fighter.