Wind-Powered Jet Ski

June 6, 2008


Driving to work today I saw on Olympic Blvd. that the price of gas was $4.51.  And, driving a ’97 Mazda 625 with one mirror, dented front quarter panels, and painted-on eyelashes, I use only premium unleaded so I was in for an even bigger hit than most.

Certainly, I thought, my jet skiing adventures will have to be curtailed.  But, thankfully, I was dead wrong.  Now, there is a wind-powered jet ski concept from designer Mathias Koehler that combines my three of my four favorite thigns: kiteboarding, submarining, and jet skiing.

The forth, of course, is chili cheese fries which, in theory, could be consumed on the Nereus while above water!

The Nereus harnesses windpower (like a kiteboard) to propel it.  You can sail it againt the wind by tacking as you would in a sailboat, but the coolest bit is you can submerge it like a personal submersible then pop back up and ride the waves.

Your fun fact for the day:  Nereus is an ancient Greek god of the sea.  He was, appropriate to the multi-faceted craft above, a shape shifter.  He was also a prophet, but as far as the r&d department can tell, the wind-powered Nereus has little to no prophetic ability.