New Augmented Reality Cameras Offer X-Ray Vision

February 1, 2010

Thus far, augmented reality has been sort of an underwhelming experience for most users. While military techs get AR glasses that tell them what parts of an engine need replacing and how to do so on a heads-up display while they're working, common folk have been stuck with gimmicky GPS location apps that don't really do much of anything. But what if it could give you superpowers?

While it's very much still in the "concept" phase, this CCTV-meets-AR system displays surrounding buildings as see-through while you drive, allowing for visibility where you'd otherwise be seeing a brick wall.

This system works by using two cameras. One is placed behind a blind corner, while the other is in a car pointed forward. By combining the two views and using shared landmarks to match the content, the system then projects the combined image with the transparent building on the windshield. So, for instance, if a child were running into the street around a blind corner, the driver would have much more time to react accordingly.

Of course, this system would require a vast amount of CCTVs to be useful. But then again, what better excuse to install them? Think of the children!


Source: BoingBoing