Billy Bob Thornton Demands to be Taken Seriously, Fails

April 8, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton and his band, The Boxmasters, were interviewed on a CBC radio show called Q with Jian Ghomeshi this morning, and Billy Bob made a complete fool of himself and a joke of their "career" by railing against the host. Awesome.

The poor other guys in the band probably thought that hitching their wagon to a movie star would be good for publicity.  Little did they know they were going to be dragged along by a sociopathic vampire.

Ghomeshi just asks him a series of pretty standard musical interview questions, and Billy Bob just shoots himself and his bandmates in the feet with rude, nonsensical, single-word answers.  And there are three of them there, so it means this cowboy/good ol' boy millionaire couldn’t miss once with his six-shooter.

About halfway through the interview, Billy Bob reveals that he’s pissed that Ghomeshi referred to his acting career in the introduction. According to him, his music and acting are completely separate entities.  He compares himself (twice) to Tom Petty asking, “Would you have to explain why his music isn’t a hobby?” 

No, Billy Bob, you would not.  The reason is Tom Petty kicks f****** ass and has gone platinum many times over.  You’re just a crazy a**hole wannabe who has embarrassed yourself and your bandmates. It's honestly uncomfortable to watch.

Listen to a NSFW segment of the interview below, if you dare:

The National Post compares it to Joaquin Phoenix's antics of late, but he's either crazy or brilliant.  Billy is just a d***nose.

Source: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images