The Hunters Have A Whale Of A Time

July 23, 2011
The Red Sox. The Bruins. The Patriots. The Auction Hunters? That's right! Ton and Allen descended upon Boston, Massachusetts this past week and were determined to take on the oldest storage facility in North America. Dating back to the 1880s, this puppy has seen its fair share of goods and services, but what would it hold for the boys with the flashlight and would they be able to uncover any rare and valuable historical items in this revolutionary city? It's time to find out.


It was yet another slim auction week for Ton and Allen with only three units up for bid. Being in a city known for putting up a fight, it was going to be even tougher on our Hunters to make ends meet. Ready to start their bidding at $100, things got out of control quickly when bidding STARTED at $100. The first unit later sold for $350 and with one unit down, there was only two more to go. After getting locked out of the first room, the guys were flush with cash, and determined to make these last two rooms count; and count they did. Bidding low on Unit #2 and then battling out for #3, the Hunters managed to pull off buys on the last two rooms. What was to be found inside was a question they were well prepared to answer next.


Sold For: $4,400

A harpoon gun?! Okay, this is something you don't find every day. How much is it worth, and is it the genuine article? That's for the expert to decide, but one thing is for certain, if it is the real deal, the guys are taking home some serious cash. Ton asked the expert Peter for a story about their gun, and he got one. The first thing the guys learned was that it was in fact, not a harpoon gun. Instead, this beast was used AFTER the harpoon was used. The whale would be harpooned, and then as it dragged the accompanying boat around and tired out, the gun would be used to kill the whale using a bomb lance. This was a rare find indeed. Of course, Ton would have to shoot it, and we know how Ton likes to shoot things. We just feel bad for the watermelon that ended up drawing his aim.


Sold For: $1.750

There's nothing like a bicycle built for two, and Ton and Allen just found one! No, not for them to ride, but for them to sell. Allen can't help but guess its value at around $500-600. Is it worth more? All depends on the buyer, and the buyer in this case is the expert, Vinnie. Dating back to the 40s or 50s, this Schwinn, otherwise known as the Harley-Davidson of bicycles, turned out to be a rather nice find. As Vinnie began to inspect each of the parts that came along with the bike, Allen was excited to see that it wasn't just the bike that had value, but its spare parts as well. Vinnie came at the guys with a low ball offer, and being that he didn't have a tandem bike in his stable; the Hunters were determined to get the right price for the package. They did. Time to ring the bell!

Laying down $975 for two units turned out to not be so bad when you consider the take home. $4,400 for the gun, $1,750 for the bicycle and another $1,150 for the remaining items . . . you add that all up and you've got $7,300. Minus costs, Ton and Allen netted a very delicious $6,325.

Looking back at this week's Facebook matchup, we left our audience a bit stumped. The bike or the gun? Ultimately, the gun won out in the poll, but hey, who doesn't like things that explode? Not Ton, especially when they pay out!

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