Top Shelf Tuesday - December 16

December 16, 2008

We're less than two weeks away from Christmas and, if you're anything like us, you haven't even started on your shopping yet....but not to worry!  Top Shelf Tuesday is back to help you navigate through the maze of choices and find the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself).


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the third film in the franchise, hits the streets just in time to fill out your collection – or the collection of someone who has a stocking in need of stuffing. It’s available in a single-disc DVD, a two-disc deluxe edition or Blu-ray. There are plenty of extra features for those film buffs who delight in bonus goodies: deleted and extended scenes, a featurette on the making of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, a featurette on the casting process and more. It’s a good day for people who think that good things come in threes.

Still haven’t found the right gift for your girlfriend and/or mother, sister or niece? Look no further, the end-all be-all of this summer’s chick flicks has arrived: Mamma Mia! You can get it in three different versions: a single disc standard DVD, as well as a two-disc special edition DVD, and, of course, the crème de la crème of home video, a Blu-ray edition. Some of the special features include an entire deleted musical number, “The Name of the Game”, deleted scenes, outtakes, a featurette on the making of Mamma Mia!, and a digital copy of the film on both the two-disc DVD and Blu-ray editions. This should keep whichever girl is on your list happy until the new year and beyond.



Ghostface Killah has been creating critically acclaimed LPs for over twelve years now and is easily one of the most underrated MCs in hip hop. As one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface's albums have emerged as the most consistent of the members' solo projects. With his new greatest hits album Ghostdeini The Great, Ghostface brings us his greatest classic tracks and some dope remixes with new verses. This is a must-have for all of you Wu-Tang heads out there. All hail Tony Starks!

The Kinks' Picture Book is a digitally remastered six CD set chronicling the band's 40-year career over six chronologically-ordered CDs and one 60-page booklet. This is also the first-ever Kinks box set. Each disc deals with a particular chapter in the band's history while the booklet features a full retelling of The Kinks' story penned by rock critic Peter Doggett. Clocking in at well over a hundred tracks (which includes rare demos, alternate mixes, archived BBC Television sessions and live renditions along with their classic originals), this collection spans the band's entire career from the early '60s right up through their final studio album in 1994. Sweetness.



In Rise of the Argonauts, King Jason wants to resurrect his dead wife.  To do that, he needs to accomplish a few things.  Mainly, though, he needs that Golden Fleece.  In his way are about 10,000 monsters and men that will need slicing and dicing, though. A variety of blocks, combos and finishing moves are at your disposal as you cut a bloody swath through digital history.

The Tale of Despereaux features a tiny warrior mouse that, in the tradition of the Redwall books you used to read, is battling his way through a medieval vermin world using charming magic and adorable, oversized ears.  There’s a princess named Pea, a best friend and brother in arms (paws?) named Roscuro, and castles and knights! This third person swashbuckler lets gamers use a cartoony array of sword moves and combos to battle the tiniest foes yet (excluding early levels of Spore).