Cosmo Magazine Grows a Pair

August 1, 2011

Gentleman, the man-scape has officially changed. Cosmopolitan magazine, the infamous chick mag, has crossed over and created a version for men.

Today Cosmopolitan magazine launched a new digital edition of the famed women's magazine specially tailored for men. The new app is called Cosmo For Guys, or CFG for short, and is aimed squarely at guys aged 25 and up.

Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, who is also helming the new man-app, says, "It's advice from women for guys, straight from the source. Men circulate the same myths about women to one another; this is women telling guys what they really want."

CFG will feature a bunch of male-centric content, but from a woman's viewpoint including columns such as "Dating Dilemmas"-- where women weigh in and answer the questions men want to know. Another feature includes "Will She Like It?"-- which is a list of consumer goods critiqued and reviewed by women. The CFG brand will also be attached to a radio show and a new book titled Satisfy a Woman Every Single Time.

White says she's not worried if the new venture is a flop, saying, "The great part is that it's not a huge investment. If it turns out that it isn't a success, it's something that was worth the risk and been a heck a lot of fun to work on."

The folks at Cosmopolitan magazine have either lost it or are about to change the lives of men forever.

Photo: Cosmo For Guys