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The Big Game Through The Eyes of Robbie E

by Robbie E   February 08, 2012 at 4:00AM  |  Views: 26,078

Spike.com is pleased to welcome Robbie E as our new IMPACT WRESTLING blogger. Robbie E's views and opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Impact Wrestling, Spike, professonal wrestling fans, Spike viewers, or the American Buffalo Wing Council.

Welcome to the first, but most certainly not the last edition of Through the Eyes of Robbie E. When I was approached to write this weekly column by Impact Wrestling I said, "What took you so long, bro?" I mean, everyone wants to know the views of things going on in the world from the greatest television champion of all time… Robbie E.

So this week I am going to give you my thoughts on The Big Game. I mean, really, what's everyone so crazy for? It's just a football game. My Television Title win at Turning Point this past November was a bigger win than the Giants win in my opinion.

My dudes... the only good thing about The Big Game is the parties that come with it, bro. Especially for me since I live in Jersey -- The people are crazy here for the Giants. I mean the Giants are almost as big of stars in Jersey as I am.

The problem at these parties is all the people do is stuff their faces with wings, pizza, and beer -- It's disgusting, bro. I have 15 abs for a reason and it certainly is not eating like that.

Also, I gotta say that watching people pretend to like football for a day makes them look like hamsters, which is just so annoying to me. That's why since I'm a real man, I ended up leaving the party I was at with the girl of my choice and watching a romantic comedy back at my pad.

Till next week my dudes... OH, OH, OH...

Image Courtesy: TNA Entertainment


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